Monday, February 18, 2008

Well, Why Don't You Blog About It?

Douglas Britt went to a bunch of shows, burned the 'ol midnite oil with his thesaurus and blogged about it in print. The Chronicle lets him do that? Click HERE for a more recent knee-scraping incident involving one of the Art Guys' brothers, Boy Scouts, four questions and a blowjob.

If you saw the recent shows at Texas Gallery, Inman, CTRL or Diverseworks guess which mashup of adjectives go with each show before you check the link!

These individuals lack individuality

Suffused with an everyday glamour

sumptuous surface and subtle color draw you in

alluring surfaces and beautiful colors carry the thrill of a lucky find

fortified by a precision

penchant for creating a variety of forms by combining boxlike shapes

propelled by a stream-of-consciousness logic

I thought I wrote the b.s. around here!

"Just don't dawdle on your way to the gallery"
(Remember to slit your throat)