Monday, February 18, 2008

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Creative Lab for Freelance Creatives

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Date: 2008-02-17, 12:20PM CST

I'm starting a small creative group that will get together on a weekly basis to discuss client projects and help each other brainstorm or offer constructive criticism for each other. This is an opportunity to engage with like-minded people, get creative, discuss design, and work with each other and offer feedback so we can bring our work to a higher level. As a freelance Graphic Designer I miss out on the brainstorming activities, and collaboration sessions that design/advertising firms have so I'd like to bring that to us.

Here’s the type of person I’m looking for to be part of my creative lab:
• Dependable, Trustworthy, Punctual, Creative, Open-Minded, Smart, Easy-Going, Friendly
• Strong desire to improve and learn new skill-sets
• Within the Graphic Design, Advertising, or Creative Photography Professions
• Mid-Level or Higher
• Works on Freelance Projects on a consistent basis.
• Will consistently be at creative sessions and sign NDA agreement.

Creative Lab will be located inside the loop (near heights), you must be willing to travel here or live nearby.

If this is you then send your resume and 3-5 of your best work samples (or portfolio link) as well as the best day-times for you. Please put 'Tiger' in the subject-line so I know you actually read the ad, otherwise your e-mail will be deleted.

Meeting starts this Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Hey there, interested in joining up with the brainstorming group, but the craigslist addresses keep getting bounced back. I'm an Art Director here in Houston with 10 years experience and am pretty sick of working in a vaccum. Please contact me at if there are still openings in the group. Resume and samples available at: