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kroY weN

Jim Pirtle in New York!

Hi Jim.

story on Glasstire: CLICK HERE

For those of us growing up or living in Montrose and the Heights, notsuoH was, and continues to be, an institution. My friends and I often found ourselves there well into the morning, playing chess with a handful of tattooed strangers and, after enough coffee, a few playwrights. The space belonged to painter and performance artist Jim Pirtle, and was nestled in a vintage 1893 three-story walk-up, in what was then a quiet, untouched and rail-free stretch of Main Street in downtown Houston. The space itself was an ever-changing mind-fuck of found objects—beer bottles, bikes, ancient magazines, Christmas lights, a sea of wooden coat hangers—and hundreds of other things which, when seen together, appeared more like garage sale items than peripheral décor.

"It's a graveyard of sorts," says Macias, who quit his job and sold his car for the opportunity to come up with Pirtle. "Here, nothing is what it seems, nothing is arbitrary and nothing is accidental."

Hurricane Ike Turner

Seen on the news--- BEARS!

The Silver Fox in Houston

Excuse me, but weren't you shining my shoes?

Anderson Cooper is standing down the street from Kim Son in Downtown. He said that there is a bar still open down the street. Betcha it's The Flying Saucer. Ya know, I could see 11 high-rise construction sites from the 7th floor at Kirby and Richmond yesterday- I'd be worried about that shit. Kemah's under water!

Here's some Rua Minx.

Roughly 27 Percent.

DUAL installation at AWarfare

I've been thinking about everyday objects as projectiles. Shrapnel is not that different from a pile of broken glass from a television screen. At 110 miles per hour a lawn chair is an eight-cornered metal-frame sail. Freeway signs could twist south with the center of the storm, whipping around, being sucked into my neighbor's house. The gigantic, jagged L would whine and wheeze. The paranoia and angst of waiting for a natural disaster is not very different from waiting to be be deployed, someone told me.

I walked around the block in Lindale Park. There were about 65 houses and maybe 18 1/2 were boarded up in anticipation of the Eisenhower Administration. One guy only gets a half point 'cause he forgot the whole front of his house. The humidity is sick.

A garden hose in someone's yard looked perfectly capable of flying in a 20-foot arc in the air and smashing the ranch house's lace curtained front window. At the shady club down Fulton they were unloading plywood, even though the windows had been boarded up and painted the same color as the building years ago. I might bring a shopping cart across the street into my garage. Just so it doesn't bash through my garage door at 3 in the morning, with a loud bash not piercing the metal, but opening the room to the rain and tree debris. The eye will be here at 7 am. I'm listening to Hungry Eyes.

Flower Man, Yo.

Cleveland Turner's house

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Flower Man

Thursday, September 11, 2008

That's Funny

totally the same logo...

What You Need

go do sumthin else

Is This Out Yet?

I heart Dead Things

You Kant Always Get What You Want
- Joao Ribas & Matt Sheridan Smith -

At the Coed Dance
- Naeem Mohaiemen -

Wall of Shame
- William Powhida -

Art as Curating ≠ Curating as Art
- Jens Hoffmann & Julieta Aranda -

The Bias of the World Curating after Szeemann & Hopps
- David Levi Strauss -
What Is a Curator? That smooth-faced gentleman, tickling Commodity, Commodity, the bias of the world…

Waking up in Dreams
- Raimundas Malašauskas & Gabriel -

Curing Curation
- J.C. Fregnan / Stefan Brüggemann -

Lesser New York
- Fia Backström -

Curator as Producer
- Michelle White & Nato Thompson -

Answering a Proposition with a Question * —Or, What is Wrong with This Picture?
- Dara Birnbaum -

Exhibition as School as Work of Art
- Anton Vidokle / Martha Rosler -

The Next Documenta Should Be Curated by an Artist * & The Next Omelet Should Be Made by a Carpenter
- Lawrence Weiner -


Lawrence Rinder and Cliff Hengst
- Eric Zimmerman -


Cory Arcangel + Lialina &...
- Michael Odom -

Archie Scott Gobber
- Charissa N. Terranova -

On Kawara
- Noah Simblist -

Fort Worth

Kara Walker
- Noah Simblist -

Kehinde Wiley
- Keri Oldham -


- Sean Carroll -

- John Devine -

The Old, Weird America
- Hills Snyder -

Dario Robleto
- Kurt Mueller -

Stephen Vitiello
- Garland Fielder -

Los Angeles

Phantom Sightings: Art After the...
- Tucker Neel -

New York

Sharon Engelstein
- Christina Linden -

A Sorry Kind of Wisdom
- Marie-Adele Moniot -
San Antonio

Marcos Ramírez ERRE
- Kate Green -

Oliver Lutz
- Ben Judson -

Santa Fe

Lucky Number Seven, SITE Santa...
- Peter S. Briggs -

Dario Robleto
- Nancy Stoaks -

Book Reviews

- Alex Jovanovich -

Perfect Timing Bro...

Looking for a studio in Houston (Montrose/Downtown)
Reply to: [?]
Date: 2008-09-10, 9:39AM CDT

I am currently living in Brooklyn, NY but will be moving to Houston in the late Fall/Early Winter. I am interested in a small artists studio/photography studio in an artists building, in or around Montrose/Downtown Houston. I do require a large sink or accessibility to pluming and high ceilings. If you have a studio or some contact for a raw space please contact me. Open to shares.

Please learn how to spell plumbing before moving to Texas. Unless, of course, you require access to peacocks.

Art Takes A Dive

Ben DeSoto

MFAH closed until Sunday and two lectures canceled.

Diverseworks: The 2008-2009 Season Kick off featuring the opening reception for Understanding Poverty, Flickerlounge and a performance by Saddi Khali has been postponed until Friday, Sept. 19th

Moody Gallery will be closed until Tuesday, September 16th
due to hurricane Ike. The opening reception for Mary McCleary's
exhibition "For the Time Being" has been rescheduled for Saturday,
September 20 from 6 - 8 PM.

The Glasstire party at Hello-Lucky has been rescheduled for Friday, September 26!!

We are disappointed . . . but Booker-Lowe Gallery will be closed Friday, September 12th, and Saturday, September 13th, because of Hurricane Ike. We will reschedule our opening event for Earth Colors Recaptured, and will let you know the new date as soon as possible. (Public Service Announcement) If you have time, please protect your fine art from possible leaks or other water damage.

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston closed until Sunday.

Blaffer Gallery- Due to the approach of Hurricane Ike, Friday evening's opening reception and Saturday's artists' and curators' roundtable discussion have been canceled.

In place of the opening reception, Blaffer Gallery invites the public to take a first peak at the fall exhibitions during the Red Block Bash on September 18. Additionally, we have extended the hours of the Bash from 4 until 8 p.m.

Inman Gallery and CTRL Gallery, have rescheduled their openings for Wednesday, September 24th .

U of Houston CLOSED ASAP- but the opening tonight is 4 stories up, so ignore the warnings and come out and play!

Good advice from j / d

j / d is a storm chaser from Houston (check out his pics from chasing down Edouard)

as we are now roughly three days away from ike's arrival (or less), here is the NHC forecast for hurricane katrina three days before landfall :

and, here's rita's prediction at three days prior to landfall:

the margin of error this far out is still roughly 100-150 miles. along the texas coast, this could obviously mean a world of difference. basically, if ike turns towards the north just a 50-60 miles sooner than the models are currently predicting, galveston and parts of houston could be really screwed. and as the katrina and rita models show, significant errors in where storms track, not to mention their intensity, are actually kinda the norm.

just sayin' ........

A Storm The Size of the Gulf of Mexico

Yeah, yeah. Ike's big and bad and mean. DON"T FLIP THE FUCK OUT. Oh, that was all caps. Guess I'm flipping the fuck out. Well, as long as this doesn't happen again.

The Texodus- the largest mass movement of people in American history
(2nd place D-Day landing June 6, 1944)

Well I'm definitely staying off the freeways until Saturday. It's the streets for me.

ummm... no, not that...

That's how I'm gonna get to You Blew It Sweden! at the U of Houston Art Department tonight. Wanna meet the new grad kids on the 4th Floor? me too.

My favorite facebook artist

A day later, at just about art show time (6-8pm) Ike is gonna crawl onstage like a a fat, angry turtle. I hope he doesn't stay. Like a Beckett play with broken windows. While they are perfectly fine exhibitions, it seems like Damaged Romanticism at the Blaffer is gonna get damaged, RADAR EYES at the Art Car Museum doesn't have a clue what is coming, CTRL Gallery is encouraging you to come see Anders Oinonen after after the storm, Ben DeSoto's blockbuster Diverseworks Understanding Poverty is going to have to understand that no one is coming, HCP's three shows will have to be cryogenically frozen, Hello Lucky (click the link, do you know those hot models?) encourages you to come and stay to ride out the storm for Home is where you make it..., there won't be any people using the Common Space at Inman for Gilad, and the Quarrel will have to hang with itself at Glassell. Oh yeah, betcha Madeline Albright is gettin' otta dodge without speaking a word.

Ike visits Cuba

DBHB in the morning Saturday for coffee and donuts (why don't more people have openings where you're bleary eyed ass can get a cuppa?). Will Brooks'll be good at the re-re-opened Gallery 1724 on Bissonett, Kristy Peet at Hungry's will not be coming of age if there's no one there to see it, all them Gallery Row rats will have to wait for October, Dan Fabian might have better luck on facebook than at Mackey and Angelbert will just hav'ta keep on dreaming.

Will Chiahui Yei, the latest in a series of massive Chicano culture shows, happen on Sunday?

see you guys when we're all dead!

Northside Deathmetal

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Seems like an appropriate location...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The darndest coincidence....

Varina is Robin

So during the Heroes Alter Egos opening some kids were throwing a b-day party for Varina Rush, the new editor of Artshouston- and it was a costume party lol

Please to enjoy

Do you think imaginary things are important?

Imaginary Spaces
Menil Collection
curated by Michelle White
inspired by Dominique deMenil

through March 1st, 2009

"sort of crazy, but cool."- MW

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Guardian does Rothko

In association with the Rothko show at the Tate Modern through February, The Guardian sent reporter Jonathan Jones to Houston to visit the Rothko Chapel, the artist's "final, misunderstood masterpiece."

"Rothko did not paint his cycle of dark paintings for the Menils' chapel
because he was a religious man. He leapt at the chance to create
a chapel because it was the type of cultural space that came closest
to his ideal of making a "place" with art. Tell that to Houstonians.

To spend a couple of days at the Rothko Chapel is to be at once impressed
and silently troubled. Locals use this place. In fact, they love it.
They come not just as tourists but to meditate, pray, and talk sombrely.
They see it as a religious place and the art as spiritual.
It is called a chapel, after all, and most Americans believe in God."

Ummm.... thanks?

Death and Shit like that...

Britt from the Chron peruses the MFAH party last Saturday

Plus... Starbucks might pull out of the parties (downturn in latte addicts)

and Tyler Green slams LACMA's new show,
but the criticism is just as appropriate for the MFAH's Endgame
(aka blowjobs are endemic)

"The exhibition is an embarrassment."

You Blew it Sweden!

Group 9-2-5

Thursday, September 11, 2008
7:00pm - 11:55pm
University of Houston Fine Art Building - Level 4
Screwston, TX

Join us as we celebrate the 300th year anniversary of the turning point of the Great Northern War (1700-1721) marked by Charles XII of Sweden's failure to continue his march to conquer Moscow outside Smolensk, leading to the eventual defeat of the Swedish army nine months later in the battle of Poltava, and effectively ending Sweden’s status as a major world power!!!

Crazy! Obama's fake "10 pt Plan" handed out at gun range in Houston

a little birdie told me about...

FYI- Not one is actually true :)

Good use of photoshop, good 'ol boys

Hey Texas Democrats who shoot guns! (it really is a demographic)
from Top Gun Handgun Training and Shooting Center

surprised? don't be. It's from the NRA. They're full of shit.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Diddle on the Plain

Westheimer Block Party
October 11th

bestest part at 3:00

They're Trying

Media is media, right?

Selling Concrete

the bestest at 2:02
2:50 why do you love it?
meet the artist 5:50

Taizo Horikawa redraws the Washington Corridor

Looks good!

via Swamplot


If you want to be part of the september XXth sexyATTACK! email me soon at sexyattacks [at] gmail [dot] com

All of you sexyA
TTACKERS out there start getting your sexyOUTFITS together and warming up!!!!! Its going to be one sexyDAY!!!!!



the xoxo kills me


2 grand, no strings attached?

Houston Press Masterminds

"The Houston area is full of artists, innovators and entrepreneurs who are changing our creative and cultural landscape. We'll honor three of these creative superstars on Saturday, November 15, when the Houston Press presents three winners with MasterMind awards of $2,000 each. Winners will come from areas such as visual arts, performance arts, film/video/media, and literary arts."

Plus... HP has pics from the Mixed Media Party, where I hear there were ravers all fucked up on sumthin' and a good light show for 'em... most of Billy Martini's pics are of bad bourgeois outfits and well-tanned DJs.

...might be good

cartoon artist wanted

Reply to: [?]
Date: 2008-09-07, 3:32PM CDT

I'm currently in need of an artist who can design some maps of the world on paper - the style of the maps will be of a cartoon look and need to have all the world's points of interests on them - i.e. Eiffel Tower - Statue of Liberty - Great Wall of China - and so on, all in keeping with a cartoon theme!

The candidate needs to have transportation as I work on Feagan street, 77007, Houston - within the inner loop

My name's Stuart - I can be contacted on 832 687 2395 if your interested and we can go over the details!

Seeking Urban Art (Inner Loop)

Reply to: [?]
Date: 2008-09-04, 11:49AM CDT

I am seeking an artist that would like to promote their art to an underground Houston scene. Please send me a sample of your style for consideration. I will give you more details when we speak.


for the Austin art blog ...might be good click HERE

Are you nerd/nerd compatible?

Looking for a tattoo artist who's a WoW fan.. (Houston)

Reply to: [?]
Date: 2008-09-05, 10:51AM CDT

Anyone know of a tattoo artist in H-town that's a World of Warcraft fan?

Lectures on the Horizon

seen at U of Houston

Art Openings seem too vapid and drunken? Check out these sit-down ho-downs this week.

Bill White
Mayor of Screwston, Tejas
Rice University, Jones School of Management
Tuesday, September 9th, 6:00 pm cocktails- 6:30 pm lecture

Toby Kamps
Curator, Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston
University of Houston Art Department, Room 101
Thursday, September 11th, 1:00 pm

Walid Raad
Artist, Founder Atlas Group
Glassell School of Art
Friday, September 12th, 5:00 pm

Thomas Friedman
Economist and Author, New York Times, Hot, Flat and Crowded
University of Houston, Cullen Hall
Friday, September 12th, 6:30pm
MUST RSVP- 713-743-1000

Quincy Troupe
Poet and Author, Miles: The Autobiography
Menil Collection
Saturday, September 13th, 6:00 pm

Sunday, September 7, 2008