Saturday, August 15, 2009

167: Jason Villegas

jason villegas

jason villegas

jason villegas
jason interviewed by kpft

party hearty

nestor thinking...

sabrosos, sabrositos!

jason villegas

jason villegas
shawna mouser checkin' it out

jason villegas

jason villegas

jason villegas

jason villegas

jason villegas

jason villegas

monster high school photo show in the back



jason villegas


hi bill!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Stolen from Jenni Becks


Preview of @Spacetaker Parallel Universes
'Exquisite Corpse'- 60 artists!

Last Days of Bookstop

Go to Bookstop today!!! Its [almost] the last day of Bookstop.

Closes September 15

From The Border To The City- Still Crazy

Downtown Nuevo Laredo

Performance artist and Notsuoh patron Sal has been a fixture of the Houston underground art world for years; playing in bands, hanging out with Jim Pirtle and smashing televisions with a sledgehammer while dressed up like Tony Clifton. writer Don Juan Corzo caught up with Sal to speak about some of his even crazier adventures down in Laredo. Insanity ensues:

It was relatively early that chilly October night in New York City during the fall season of 2008 and a group of Houstonians were the main attraction for visitors in the facilities in the CUE Foundation Gallery on West 25th Street in Manhattan. It was the first visit to the Big Apple for local artist and poet Juan Salvador Macias as part of an art exhibition put together by fellow artist and bar owner Jim Pirtle. “I had the opportunity to go to New York with Jim driving a U-Haul truck with all the art for the NotsuoH show piled up in the trailer. I really couldn’t miss that experience,” said the artist, who quit his job at a local warehouse and sold his beat-up ’92 Saturn for $300 to barely cover his expenses for the trip.

Sal (as he’s known by friends and acquaintances around town) mostly displays a good-natured, frank attitude, but isn’t shy about expressing his spirit, both irreverent and mischievous. The Texas native is a curious mix of gypsy and Latino with hair that is dark, wavy and kind of shaggy anchored with a goatee that’s pointy at times. On occasions Sal dresses in black and seems to exude an aura of coolness, perhaps, comparable to the late country singer Johnny Cash. Paintings, drawings, craft pieces, poetry and prose are shared with his circle of artists, bohemians, and plain partygoers looking to satisfy their inner cravings with art and a mixture of spirits. But Sal has not always been the affable, creative artist that friends know around Houston.

...[In the 80s] Sal was known as “Red” by his buddies. “Laredo, in the words of Kerouac, it’s a no man’s land,” Sal shared. “You can do whatever you want. If you want drugs, if you want whores, if you to drink, any kind of debauchery, there it is, for the taking.” According to the Laredo native, the border town of Nuevo Laredo, on the Mexican side is the whatever-you-want-zone.
The life Sal led on this border area where he grew up in the 80’s and 90’s was saddled by vice. Just like drugs guided him to heroin to satisfy his craving for a greater high, crime was the channel for him to become a “coyote” as immigrant smugglers are called.

The Reckless Robber

who the hell robs a bank dressed like that?

what nut robs 14 of them and rides away on a bike???


"The Reckless Robber" via MFX

13 Boxes

Hey Peoples,
Perhaps you might be interested in a space?

Also feel free to send any referrals of artists you think would be appropriate for BOXing to our website under opps they can read about what it means to be a member?
Michael Henderson is our members contact: ART_MHH (at) SHSU.EDU

Have a good one.

Kathy Kelley

BOX13 Artspace
East End, Houston, Tejas

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Houstonist Photo of the Day

Lone egg sitting in the leaves by city hall.

via Houstonist


Black Hole, 2008

Steel Lounge Underground

Opening Reception: Perspectives 167: Jason Villegas

Contemporary Farts Museum, Screwston

Thursday, August 13, 2009
6:30 – 9:00 p.m.
6:30 p.m. Artist talk with Jason Villegas

Jason Villegas has produced an exciting new site-specific work combining subtle, pornographic wall murals, soft-core sculpture, bear-sex performance, and cute video game videos. Join us for the artist’s walk-n-talk and wide opening reception celebrating Villegas’s first museum show. We’ll have a taco truck to help us welcome back this artist. Don’t miss it.

Beat Me, 2008
(disdended anus Michael Jackson performance)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Pics, Now This?!?

mas from Summerfest :)

Nancy Douthey, Grotto

Daniel Adame, Drawing

Johnny DiBlasi and Frank Olson, Sisyphean Task

Performance Art Lab, A Man Getting Dressed sponsored by McDonalds

link to videos of PAL's 10' x 100' Drawing

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DEBRIS: How Y’all Doin?

Another molting is underway in town; I see the signs of desperation everywhere. They’re at the market on Airline, outside the Fire Museum in Midtown, at Lee High off Hillcroft, on 45 and 59, in every parking lot. They say Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee, California, Mississippi. There are thousands, but I can only profess to have seen a small sliver of their subtle symbols. Their reasons for being here are numerous, if not wide-ranging. There are jobs to be had. Like New York, except for the occasional Chihuahua state license plate. Houston as the air-conditioned city was a 20th century feat, but it remains to be seen what a doubling in the city’s size between 2000 and 2030 will do. Poised to surpass Chicago in population in the 2010 census, Houston will soon be the third largest city in America.

Houston’s artworld has always been driven by ex-pats from all places “lower 48” and across the world and it is richer for being so. While in this winding bayou, the binding force of Texas’ rich tradition of expressionism doesn’t touch all of its artists, but those who delve into it are better for doing so. Thirty years into the velvet revolution sparked by James Surls at the Lawndale Annex in the East End the evolution of characteristic Houston artists is a mature subject replete with heroes, villains and muses. Characterized as Imagist by Walter Hopps, enraptured with the battle between outside influence and outsider art, populist and vulgar, kitschy yet ashamedly folk, Houston artists have built a conscientious covenant with their environment, the wet, hot, green overgrowth punctured by steel and concrete. Ink has been spilled lauding and eviscerating individual merits- building a body of criticism that is sufficiently historical as to be said to exist. It won’t take long for it to be written into history books.

outside Box 13

In figures like John Biggers, James Surls, Lucas Johnson, Sharon Kopriva, Mel Chin and Mark Flood a protagonist is present for trials and tribulations. In every good story there is an apropos foil. To wit, the ideals and sensibilities of Jermayne MacAgy, Dominique deMenil, Alison de Lima Greene, Joe Havel and Linda Cathcart represent the other side of the city’s cultural coin, refined, intellectual and cunning. Stories flesh out a scene set to a rolling boil for decades. Transplants took sides in the local debate and Texans travelled and lived the world over. Surrealists, conceptualists, abstract expressionists and pop artists touched both sides of the debate in significant and real ways, a notion glazed over in petty territorial skirmishes. Modernism’s local distortion is manifest in confusion, terror and bliss in any and all media. The only thing that seems to fall flat here is smart commentary, the taste bends toward the sweet of emotion over the salt of thought. Visceral reality, tortured fantasy, it will all be part of a great story one day.

(when this was printed in the Free Press, I had neglected to delete one of those facebook lists people write, and it was printed too. i won't tell you what its for, its just another list)

Naked Lunch
The Wild Boys
Les Miserables
The Hobbit
The Fuck-Up
A History of Paris
After the End of Art
The Magnetic Fields
Unbearable Lightness of Being
Big Sur
Catcher in the Rye
AD&D Dungeon Master’s Guide
Team of Rivals
The Emancipated Schoolteacher

Monday, August 10, 2009

festival hotties


y mas: check out Cody Ledvina's Summerfest project

festival hotties
bringing you the best from 50m and beyond

in yellow and in green

herb in houston spaceballed all his pics, but he's got some great shots of the PAL slip-n-slide! Click it!

Performance Art Lab at Summerfest

pic by briandathewallflower




julia sez:

we had a few difficulties and didnt get any pics of the performances other than the slip and slide, which really kills me because i fucking loved them, but i will post the pics asap.

if you see ANY pics of us holding up signs and doing things, let me know. we did a series of performances with signs that said:
kodak presents high fives, verizon wireless presents a ten minute meditation, mcdonalds presents a man getting dressed (like 80 people stood around and watched nick get dressed and undressed, while ian yelled, this is presented to you by mcdonalds!! holding up the sign. sooo funny.), frito lay presents free hugs, and target presents this kiss (claudia and ian made out behind that sign for awhile).

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Abode on a Plain

You are cordially invited to join The Art Guys
at the launch and screening of their new DVD anthology
“Home On The Range”

at the
Brown Auditorium Theater, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Thursday, August 13, 2009
6:30 pm

The Art Guys: Home On The Range

"The Art Guys present Home on the Range" is an Artful Thursday event cosponsored by KUHF 88.7 FM.

For more information, visit



Thank you.

Well well, Barry Whistler marries up

Allison Smith, Study Hall, 2006

via NYT:

Allison V. Smith and Barry Whistler were married Saturday evening at the summer home of the bride’s parents in Rockport, Maine.

She's a photographer, he's a gallerist- it makes sense!
(she's been showing at his gallery for a decade, her family's oil money)

Good Stuff, People

Patrick Renner's sculpture and Jacob Mustafa

This guy was just kinda laughing/crying


Getting on in the evening :)

Skeez, b.s., DA