Monday, February 18, 2008

Troy Likes My Metaphors

Thanks Troy, for the backhanded compliment of stealing my most prevalent metaphor (the title of my Houston Free Press articles for the past five years) and also for providing a pivotal article in this week's Houston Press. Taking Londoners to task for being hackneyed versions of Houston artists is so Houstocentric I have to give you props, man! Fight the big artworld man, yo.

I'll take my props for this sentence;

"This is the debris of now."

DEBRIS article 2/1/08

DEBRIS article 4/1/07

et al.

Adam Humphries, Free Dirt 2, 2008

Oh, and this really doesn't work for me;
"How far can a sculpture of a boulder go in terms of collectible value?"

Um, sculptures of boulders are all over America.
The part you missed is that sculptures made out of styrofoam have no collectible value.

Oh yeah, this sentence sucks too.
You sure did read your own Calvinist metaphor into Shane Bradford;
"There's no such thing as freedom of choice; there is only fate."

Don't hold your breath for this, but someone else should take you up on the free exhibit title;
"Maybe CTRL should organize a homegrown show and call it "The Bayou Trawlers." It would be an interesting counterpoint to these Londoners' quest for treasures buried in the urban muck."

Any takers? Free titular reference and precedent!