Friday, July 31, 2009

Hey Johnny!

Come out and join us to support and buy Mr. Johnny DiBlasi's prints. Johnny is a former resident of Brazoria county and received his BFA in photography and digital imaging at UH and completed a MFA at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. Recently, Johnny moved back to Texas and continues to work as a nationally/internationally known artist and photographer.

Check out his work:

Prints will vary in affordable prices

Date & Time: Aug. 1. 2009 noon-7pm
Location: 4920 La Branch (Lagom House)
Houston, TX 77004
Down the street from MFAH and the Children Museum

print sale flyer JD

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Word Art


via the Austin American Statesman, via the hidden words on Kay Bailey Hutchinson's website

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Ducks In a Row

The CAMH's marketing director Connie McAllister has her ducks all lined up for tomorrow's Steel Lounge Underground, snagging a fluffernutter from Britt at the Chron and even going so far as to get the Dallas Arts News to write about it. Party hearty with DJ Pooks!



Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Poll Result: The Alligator Wins!

Who Should Be Houston's Next Mayor?

local politics 2010

An Alligator

"the Republican"

The Mayor of Montrose

Peter Brown

Annise Parker

Gene Locke

Roy Morales
(who actually is "The Republican" in the race, but I guess people don't want that republican)

Happy Trails - The Banner Project

Happy Trails - The Banner Project
Downtown Georgetown
October 1st - October 31st
Presented by Georgetown Artworks

The Banner Project will consist of 60 to 70 banners, located around the Williamson County Courthouse, the Georgetown Public Library, and the surroundings streets of the historic square in Georgetown, Texas. The goal is to have each banner created by a different artist. We would like to represent different styles, mediums, ages, ethnic backgrounds and so on. We are looking for local Texas artists who want to be considered for this project. Our project hopes to engage, intrigue and challenge the general public, locals and visitors alike, as they stroll through historic Georgetown.

The theme is "Happy Trails" based on the Roy Rogers song. Happy Trails was chosen because it encompasses Texas Heritage, The Chisholm Trail, nostalgia that folks of different ages can associate with the song, but also allows artists to have their own interpretation. Artists are not required to do something with a western theme. The path created by the banners can also be seen as a “Happy Trail”.

Further Information:
This project is being made possible by a grant from the City of Georgetown Arts & Culture Board. We are creating a map/brochure/directory for the event, which will be given to the public. The map/brochure will show the specific location of the banners and have the title of the piece, the artist’s name and website (or contact information). Selected artists will also be featured in the Georgetown Artworks website (, where they will have space for a brief bio, a statement about their artwork and contact information. The general public will vote for the “Most Popular” banners, and cash awards will be given to 1st ($250), 2nd ($150) and 3rd place ($100). Once the banners come down, they will be on permanent loan to the Georgetown 9th grade center, where we hope it will inspire a new generation of artists. Artists will get additional exposure, as the banner project coincides with the City of Georgetown’s First Friday, Georgetown Artworks’ Art Hop, The Taste of Georgetown and Georgetown Art on the Square Festival. All these events will happen as part of celebrating October as Art and Humanities month.

Art Specs:
Graphic Images and bold colors will work better as banners. Very small detail might get lost, as the viewer won’t be able to get very close. The final banners are going to be 24” width by 48” Height. They are going to be reproduced in CMYK, so keep in mind to keep that colors will get a little darker. Art can be reproduced on a smaller size (12”x24”, 6”x12”). Selected artists will be responsible for providing the final image at a minimum of 6”x12” @ 300DPI, along with a paragraph about their work and an image of themselves on a disk.

How to apply:
There’s no fee to submit your work. Artists can send 3 to 5 images that they feel is a good representation of their work, or a link to their website or online gallery. If you would like to send something specific that relates to the “Happy Trails” theme, that will work as well. If you are selected, We would like for the artists to have the freedom to create the final product, but will need to see a sketch/basic idea of what you have in mind. Artists will retain the copyrights to their artwork.Please email you art or questions to us. Artists will receive a response in 5-7 business day. If you are interested, please submit your entries as soon as possible. Space is limited. Deadline for final artwork is August 31, 2009.