Saturday, December 15, 2007

Go to Dallas in February, Try Not to Snort the Cheese

not cool. Bentley Green

Dallas doesn't completely suck, and the CAA Conference in February is on the top of a short list as to why. Other reasons Dallas doesn't suck: The Goss-Michael Foundation, MAMFW, Amon Carter Museum (inside not outside) and cheese heroin. Oh wait, cheese heroin sucks.

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Some Trenton Doyle Hancock for ya!

Miracle Machine #20 or the Hand of Glory, 2006

I,I,I,I, Etc ... , 2002

Rememor with Membry, 2001

"B is for Bumble, 32 Bust, 28 Waist, Approx. size 5-6, This dress was painted for a fashion show at the grand opening of the Blanton Musem in Austin. The dress is modeled after a painting by Trenton Doyle Hancock, $72.00"

Vegan Arm, 2006

Friday, December 14, 2007

Remembering Robin Utterback

Drop by the Galveston Art Center to catch Utterback's postmortem exhibit. Houston Press blurb HERE. Read about his untimely demise HERE. Through January 6th. RIP.

"Inspired by the work of Pierre Bonnard and Jackson Pollock, among others, Utterback’s oeuvre varied from monochromatic planes emphasizing surface and light, to deconstructed, three-dimensional reliefs in which paint and plaster were layered directly upon the wooden substrate of the canvas. In his later work, drawing began to play a dominant role and he explored line and gesture by painting on unprimed canvas.

Utterback died unexpectedly in March 2007 in Houston. His family and many friends will remember him not only for his talents, intellect and wit, but also for his great kindness and generosity to others. This memorial exhibition is a celebration of both the artist and his art.

The exhibition has been organized by Clint Willour, Curator, for the Galveston Arts Center in cooperation with the estate of Robin Utterback."

CSAW Fallout

“It would be a change of our lease to have us write our checks to some other entity,” said longtime tenant Dale Stewart. “We were just trying to be as safe as possible and do what would support us in the best way legally. It hinged upon the owners taking our side, and we felt pretty certain that they would because of the nature of the situation and all the evidence we had of [Battalino’s] wrongdoing. We empowered her to an extent, and she took her position and set about doing all sorts of things that were counter to our interests. Morally, she’s really done a bad thing. We took a stand when we voted her out.”

read Troy Schulze's blog about it HERE

Missed It

via Houstonist

at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Parking Garage

Projecting 10 short films by RSAP students (Spring 2007) on the roof of
the MFA Parking Garage.

Thursday 12/13
Films started promptly at 8:05pm, ended at 8:25pm

Posting after the fact! I'm lame.

DowntownBrown sez:

I was standing outside work smoking a cigarette on Dallas and Travis when suddenly a falcon swooped down and caught a pidgeon. Then it sat on the sidewalk eating it for 10 minutes. It was awesome.

Downstairs in the Concrete Cave

Untitled, Rachel Harrison, 2005-6

Smartie! Harrison took her sculpture and blocked it towards the entrance,
when you walk down the stairs it looks like there's a lady standing there (kinda not really)
but it is a good way to deal with that first look as you come down the stairs
that is so problematic for the downstairs gallery.

Cindy, Harrison, 2004

Sean Landers


a big one! ditto...

Voyage of the Beagle (i think), Rachel Harrison

Danica Phelps

my battery died and I didn't get a shot of Mixtape by Payne & Relph but it
kicked ass. quick jumps, repeated scenes, scrubby English taggers smoking joints,
breakdancing, Scotland Yard, tourists, bleak streets and grey skies.
good mixtape soundtrack too.

someone walked into the gallery and left two seconds later, complaining it" made him dizzy"...

sneaky shot- Mary Heilmann upstairs- come by and roll around in the chairs,
its a fun way to be in a gallery, and the show is great for hippies and stoners.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Not Artful, But Funny

The Houston Astros traded 5 players for Miguel Tejada yesterday- and today he was named in the Mitchell Report federal indictment of baseball's steroid users. Smart. Real smart.

A/V Swap and Automatisms Now

Sean Landers @ the Contemporary Arts Museum

Opening tonight, the A/V Swap has a screening of collaborative films at the Angelika Theater downtown at 7 pm and Superconscious, Automatisms Now at the CAMH!


cody sez:

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


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There's the Southwest... and then there's SCREWSTON

Artforum's Artguide is an underused resource for artists and galleries who think locally, and listing on the international website is as easy as pie. There are only 21 listings for Houston- and if you run a space or want your new show up on Artforum's site DO IT FOR FREE. Click the link HERE.

On the site Houston is included in the Southwest, the funny bit being that Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Marfa, Phoenix, Santa Fe, Tuscon and Albuquerque are on the same page, while when you scroll past Houston we have our own page for listings. Well I guess they expect more out of us then, give it to 'em!


Operaskia Repeat Performance
Wednesday, December 12, 2007, 7:00PM
Room 317
Julie De Vries and Heather Shore
University of Houston Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for The Arts Studio Residency

Lawndale Art Center and the University of Houston Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts present a repeat performance of Operaskia, a performative work-in-progress by visual artist Julie De Vries and classical musician and singer Heather Shore. With free studio space provided by Lawndale, Operaskia is the result of the University of Houston Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts Studio Residency, part of an ongoing collaboration between Lawndale and the Mitchell Center.

"Silhouettes, through abstraction, amplify the meaning of recognizable objects and allow a viewer to identify with characters and images through an economy of means. Opera is similar in its power to romanticize through music and voice causing an audience to identify with a character." - De Vries and Shore.

See a sneak peak on YouTube:

The new new Southmore House

Ever since its first incarnation on Southmore Street in the Museum District [sic] Third Ward, the Southmore House has been in clear and present danger of being run out by upscale development. First on Southmore, then at the corner of La Branch and Wheeler, over to Leeland Street in the Warehouse District and now down off Telephone Road Southmore has always been a large part of the punk rock, death metal, hardcore and noise music scenes in Houston. In its first few years in I saw a vibrant scene develop around the place and Southmore Dave; its art events, improv music sessions, the band The Day After Yesterday, Naked Tuesdays (debauchery), and theater experiments. After the Warehouse District move Edd took over and focused attention on noise and hardcore music, providing a steady spot of young bands and out-of-towners. Holding it together these days, Southmore is looking to move into new digs.

"edd is moving out of state, and 2915 delafield is not doing shows. corey, harris, and andrew are looking for a new place, and a lot of the same people are still booking shows. we will have a few shows in temporary locations: PUNXMAS will be held at patchs and mirandas house. (we will put the address up in the show section later... its down the street from the leeland warehouse. ) we are still working on a location for CRUSTMAS, but we think we will figure it out in the next few days (we're still open for suggestions though). we've looked at a few new warehouses already and the future looks promising.

more details will be forthcoming
call corey 281-690-0295
or harris 713-822-8280
or andrew (we dont want to put his number up without permission. just call corey and tell him youd rather talk to andrew)

we are going to make this work. dont worry guys."