Friday, August 29, 2008

WTF?!? Jack at the Pregnant Bikini Contest

That's just a little disturbing.

WTF brought to you by

Banksy in New Orleans

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UPDATE: Someone's painting them over!


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Banned in Minneapolis, Coming to Houston?

"Soldier Billboard Project" was launched earlier this month in Denver, where an image of a solider who served for 120 days in Afghanistan is on view at Lincoln Street between 19th and 20th Avenue.

Suzanne Opton originally lined up partners in four additional locations: Minneapolis/St. Paul (Forecast Public Art), Houston (DiverseWorks ArtSpace), Atlanta (Atlanta Contemporary Art Center) and Miami.

When the billboard went up in Minneapolis, CBS Outdoor execs contacted Opton and shared their concerns that it wasn’t clear that it was art. One executive said that “out-of-context, the images appear to be deceased soldiers. The presentation in this manner could be perceived as being disrespectful to the men and women in our armed forces.”

Opton came up with alternative versions of the ad, but CBS wouldn’t accept them.

Will we see them here?!?!?

UPDATE: They canceled the Houston contract too!
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ACM: Good Shit


Oh Look! Another Patronizing Ploy Parodying Parity

I'm not falling for this crap again...

Grants for Arts Writers(who are friends of panelists) Warhol Foundation

The Creative Capital Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant Program announces its third round of grants (for our friends and lovers) as part of the Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Initiative.

The online application form opened on Monday, August 4, 2008 and the deadline for completed applications is Monday, September 22, 2008. If you are a friend of one of our panelists you have an extra week to slip it under our door.

The Arts Writers Grant Program recognizes and supports individual writers working on contemporary visual art that we approve of through project-based grants ranging from 3,000 USD – 50,000 USD based on how well you give a blowjob. Writers who meet the program's eligibility requirements and have slept with an employee of the Grant Program are invited to apply for grants in the following categories: articles, short-form writing, and blogs/new and alternative media. (Please note that the program funds book projects; however, we already gave the money to our drug dealer.)

For guidelines and eligibility requirements, please visit

For lessons learned by writers in the past, please visit
the expanded field

News from GiveUp

it might seem backwards to say fuck technology while sitting at the internet pecking on a keyboard. but fuck technology.


this is what he calls "not news"

Jacked From a Press Release

Ben Tecumseh DeSoto Understanding Poverty
Curated by Clint Willour
Friday, Sept. 12-Saturday, Nov. 1, 2008
DiverseWorks Main Gallery

Houston-based photojournalist Ben Tecumseh DeSoto opens the 2008-2009 DiverseWorks season with a multimedia exhibition that sheds light on the devastating impact of poverty in America. Understanding Poverty encompasses a 20-year investigation into life on the streets that began with DeSoto´s 1988 encounter with two homeless Houstonians, Ben White and Judy Pruitt, while on assignment with the Houston Chronicle.

More Info

Thanks Rachel :)

One reason why museums are not where its at

DUAL: Iconoclastically Yours from LecheQuemada on Vimeo.
August 29th
Aerosol Warfare
2110 Jefferson

View Larger Map

Who gives a fuck if you went to grad school if you can't get the word out in style!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This Friday at Domy: Post-Apocalypse Wasteland

Domy Books
1709 Westheimer

Discoteca Maria

Discoteca Maria,
TripTrip Photography

Houstonist Photo of the Day

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Houston in Dallas

Aaron Parazette, Indicator

Surf Trip
opens September 6
Dunn'er Brown Contemporary
Dallass, Texas

from the press release
"These various layers of colors create an energetic frame between foreground and background, remembering the 1960's paintings of Frank Stella."

make that money

I hope you don’t think I’m being a bully

Austin Avenue, Hong Kong, China

Austin is having a self-reflexive moment. Should we be complaining here in Houston?

I worked this job once- until a kid stole a camera and i got canned

After School Photography Teacher (Houston Area)

Reply to: [?]
Date: 2008-08-23, 11:50PM CDT

Houston Area Photography After school program is in need of qualified Photography Teacher. I have 6 schools/positions needing to be filled within the next two(2) weeks. The hours are M-F, 3:00-5:30 (2 hrs a day). You can work 1-5 days a week. Please make sure your schedule allows for these hours. Start date will be Sept 2nd. You will be working with HISD kids so PLEASE have a clear background check!

On Time
Reliable Transportation
Works well with Children
Photography degree or in college to do so
Teaching Experience
  • Compensation: $15-20 per hour Depending on Experience


Lawndale Art Center's 21st Annual
Día de los Muertos


Lawndale Art Center will celebrate Día de los Muertos/Day of the Dead with our annual series of programs including a Retablo Silent Auction/Gala on Thursday, October 23, 2008.

Lawndale invites artists to create a retablo or ex-voto inspired work for the auction using a small sheet of metal or “tin”, that is provided by and can be picked up at Lawndale Art Center. Tins are limited to one sheet per artist and are issued on a first come, first served basis.

Please pick up your tin during normal business hours:

Monday - Friday, 10am to 5pm
Saturday, 12pm to 5pm

Submission deadline is Thursday, October 9, 2008

There is no entry fee. Entry rules and forms are available at Lawndale or click here to download the entry form.

Oh, OK.

the ubiquitous and very Houston KTRU sticker
in it's natural habitat- the cutting board

Every Tuesday night at Caroline Collective this summer, we're holding Craft Night. Craft Night has in the past been a time to get together and work on all those weird projects that have been sitting in the corner.

Examples of some of the original Craft Night projects:

* Oven baked pulped cardboard for disaster relief bricks.
* A scrapbook of polaroids taken every day over the past three years.
* Paper cut outs for an eventual miniature puppet theatre.
* A watercolor painting of the Fail Whale.

So bring your yarn, cardboard, splatter paint or those handmade cds that your band is still trying to put together. At the end of the night we'll take pictures of the projects to post on the web. At the end of July we'll hold a Show and Tell with GRAND prizes for the best project as selected by a rigorous panel of judges (we haven't decided yet but YOU is a pretty good guess).

Beverages are encouraged (we have a refrigerator), ipods loaded with music are always welcome and your attendance is requested.

Somehow Not Lame

Katie Pell, Blind for Everything, 2008

I think… you’re afraid of letting go. I think you’re afraid of happiness. And this is starting to excite me. Are you afraid of seeing the stars
Patricia in mirrored room

excerpt from Interview with Katie Pell on Emervegeoing

EMV: I saw you walking around La Tuna inside a mirrored box. it’s a playful and striking piece that seems half architecture and half Dadaist costume. Why did you make this piece and how is it connected to your ongoing work?

KP: I have been interested in the re-emergence of the Islamic headscarf by second generation Americans and Europeans as a way of asserting a religious identity, especially since a lot of their moms don’t wear them. How much of it is simply rebelling against parents, a new identity, or is it the same impetus that makes teens still wear the black trenchcoat after Columbine (oooooh an arab, scary)?

I know it is also a profound religious resurgence for many, but I’m sure there is a mixture going on- then I extended it to the burqa. And thought, what if I made a burqa that had the opposite effect from wearing one would in San Antonio today- one that actually made the woman wearing it become a reflection of everything- so that it fits in everywhere and everyone loves the wearer because it reflects the viewer?

But i didnt make a flowing burqa because thats diadactic and not funny. So i made a box, then it looked like a disco-ball-duck-blind-confessional, so i called it “Blind for Everything.” Then it had a sort of cool wordplay, you know: blind, camouflage, another piece about how we build ourselves by making choices out of what we see.

Gett otta TTown

Downtown Austin Alliance Issues Call to cross-demographic
"dudes and chicks who like to ride bikes and make art"

Artists Needed to Create Bike Racks Along Congress Avenue

The Downtown Austin Alliance (DAA) is issuing a Request for Proposals to artists and artist teams interested in creating unique, durable artwork to serve as bike racks at three specific right-of-way locations along Congress Avenue. The deadline is September 24, 2008. Budget: $10,000 per bike rack. Fundamental aims of the project include: High aesthetic merit of the work, functionality as a bike rack (able to support and secure at least two bikes) and low degree of maintenance. A meeting will be held Thursday, September 4, 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at the Downtown Austin Alliance: 211 E 7th Street, 2nd Floor CR.

Fort Worth Public Art has issued a Request for East Lancaster Corridor. FWPA is seeking an experienced Artist/Planner or Public Art Consultant Team. A team consists of at least one public art consultant (dude, I'm totally a public art consultant as of now) and one artist with outstanding community facilitation skills and experience working with other artists. The Fort Worth Art Commission has recommended up to $120,000 (phony number to make you think it's worth it) for the East Lancaster Corridor Master Plan and design and implementation of public art/design enhancements for two locations (Dallas Avenue and Sargent Street). Approximately $30,000 shall be designated for the Artist/Planner, including travel. Deadline for receipt of applications is Wednesday, September 3. Anne Allen, (817) 298-3028 or

The City of Naples, Florida Public Art Program is requesting qualifications from artists or collective teams to create site-specific artwork to be integrated with a new three-story municipal parking garage in downtown Naples. The budget is $95,000 all inclusive. Deadline: August 22, 2008. Information: (Deadline already passed)

Chicago, IL + CTA Arts in Transit Program: Belmont and Fullerton Stations. The CTA Arts in Transit Program invites all motherfuckers from around the world to apply. Looking for sculpture of durable materials, suspended sculpture, mosaic murals and/or large scale paintings to be transferred onto ceramic tiles. Members of the community have expressed an interest in artwork which reflects the history, diversity, and distinctive qualities of the neighborhood including Lincoln Park and DePaul University. Please apply to The CTA Arts in Transit Program Artist Registry and note your interest in being considered for a specific project. Project will be executed by the city, and artist will recieve $500. Deadline: September 1, 2008 and Information:

Memphis, TN + Rhodes-Hill Mural Project. The CODA program is seeking an experienced mural artist to produce an original painting on the eastern face of the building. Artists should be prepared to work collaboratively to facilitate the final design. The selected artist shall be assisted by Rhodes College students and CODA staff in support roles. Wall dimensions: 148.5 ft. long x 78.6 ft. tall - Area available for painting: 7,472 sq. ft. centered in the upper ¾ of the wall.
The budget is $70,000 all inclusive. Deadline: September 1, 2008 (extended). Information: Meghan Wilcox, or

College Park, MD + University of Maryland Interplay Sculpture Competition. The University of Maryland Public Art Project announces a national competition called INTERPLAY, blending several objectives: to create a dynamic environment for public and social engagement, to serve as a contemplative place for individuals to experience contemporary art, and to embrace the scholarly spirit of a distinguished institution of higher education and research. Requests for qualifications are invited from experienced artists or artist/design teams, to develop a site-specific public artwork/s for the University of Maryland. Three individual projects will be considered, or a design that negotiates the entire space as one concept.
The total budget for the project is $450,000 including all fees and associated costs. Deadline: September 2, 2008. Information: Paula Mandelman

compiled by Meghan Turner, Austin Art in Public Places

Well, lets add that up- shall we?

$10,000 bike rack

Fort Worth
$30,000 for 2 train stations

Naples, Fla
$95,000 parking garage

$500 for a design
(look ma, no fabrication!)

$70,000 mural

$150,000 you-call-its

Hmmmm..... that Maryland sucker is the big prize. Austin's wacked out offer of 10,000 dollars a bike rack is sick. Chicago's offer to do it for you means no commitment, perfect for the long-shot. Man, when you put 30 grand for two train stations up next to 95,000 for a parking garage- which would be so much more fun- there's no competition.

I'm gunning for Naples, maybe I can slip one in under the wire!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Why do pictures of Houston always have the freeway in the foreground?

Poll results:

There is a conspiracy.

Utter dominance of brutal urban planning.

Beautiful curving concrete.

Psychological troubles.

There's just a lot of freeways, lighten up.

Freeways define the city's identity.

There's not enough tall buildings.

We like blurry cars a lot.

need drawing bring it to me

need drawing bring it to me (77084)

Reply to: [?]
Date: 2008-08-25, 5:44AM CDT

i beaing drawing since i was in elementry.his my passion to draw. bring me the drawing or do housecalls.i will redraw it bigger ,poster,for more info contact me at or tell me what you want i will draw it.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


From the Lawndale Big Show
brown eyed bombshell

The chron's religious guy is both pro-choice and pro-life. Comment page hilarity ensues.

The Lawndale's Big Show gets the final nail in the coffin from lazy Bill Davenport (after their next show opened), Fiery Laundry had a fun favorite, the Art Center wikipedia entry needs your help, mattmanalo was rejected, pusholive got in, azMatic documented behind the scenes on flickr and the winner is also familiar from the street.

Jeez louise, double pun: When did you realize you were making outside art?

Dawn Okoku is looking for you girls...

Drapetomania extended through October 31st...

It's like Eastern Europe at The Silo- yes Virginia, there are ravers out there

Houstonist tours the rapidly redemographying Washington Corridor

Troy Schlitz thinks that Ed Harris is faking it at the CAMH, but he laps up Downey Jr.