Thursday, February 21, 2008

Break It Down

Blaffer Gallery Area Show participants:

8 1/2 Houston artists:

Seth Alverson- Houston artist, marshmallow fluff addict
William Betts- Houston artist, old man
Gabriela Trzebinski- Kenyan, studied in Britain, Houston artist
Hana Hillerova- Czech, former UT professor, Houston artist
Mindy Kober- Houston artist
Lynne McCabe- Houston artist
Ariane Roesch- Houston artist, daughter of gallery owner
Jonathan Leach- Houston artist, art handler at Crateworks
Hedwige Jacobs- Houston artist, since when?

3 1/2 Not Houston artists:

Julie Spielman- photographer from Oklahoma City-Los Angeles, friend of CORE member Janacua
Nicholas Kersulis- lives and works in Los Angeles, occasionally shows up to work at Rice, former CORE
Jonathan Durham- Lives in New York, New York, former CORE
Hedwige Jacobs- Houston artist, since when?

CORE residents:

Andres Janacua- CORE member
Jeff Williams- CORE member
Sasha Dela- former CORE

Eight women and seven men? Great!
With curator Claudia Schmuckli at the helm it is great to see gender equality in the show.

One African artist and one Hispanic artist? What can I say?

Eight 1/2 non-CORE Houston artists? Boo.
The CORE dominates the galleries in Houston, especially Inman who have monopolized the market in holding onto CORE residents after they leave town for greener pastures. If Jeff Williams and Jonathan Durham can resist the urge to be boring as fuck the CORE might look good in their home away from home (buddy, buddy yo. wink wink nudge nudge) Who else is in? 4 older artists, 3 with good connections and 4 young artists, 1 with good connections.

Four people who don't even live here? Bullshit.
Jacobs is represented by CTRL Gallery- Bryan Miller must have shuffled those feet to get her ass in the door. Julie Spielman? Are we playing 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon? Nicholas Kersulis is gonna suck balls anyway, so why bash on him. Durham used to teach at UH but he already moved on up the totem pole.

Not that it won't be a good show- I just hope it's a GREAT show. opens in May.

UPDATE: Well Gabriela Trzebinski is a white African, so really there is one Hispanic artist from Los Angeles in the show, and besides that it's 14 ethnically European artists.

Not very diverse... are they the best?


Anonymous said...

Do you have made in Houston tattooed up your ass or something? Sounds like a good list, and all the more so for including people who temporarily reside in town. Insulting people as you do only reflects your shortcomings, not theirs. Your blog lives up to its name: b.s.

b.s. said...

Thanks. Your disapproval has been duly noted.