Saturday, September 22, 2007

Walking through St. Thomas on the way to the joanna Drawing Show

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Philip Johnson, St. Basil's Cathedral, 1995

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Philip Johnson, Academic Mall, 1967 (?)
"The use of Johnson as the university's architect spawned mild controversy due to the noted architect's open homosexuality and his flirtation with fascism and atheism which clashed with the Church's teachings. This controversy has died down and mostly been forgotten over the years." wiki

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inviting, no?

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Treon Rick

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man, some of my pictures suck.

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Seth Alverson, Really.

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video in wall

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'drawing' in front of the bathroom

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Cody is Cheeky

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Eric Pearce and Rachelle Vasquez share a quiet moment

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backyard sculpture, Ledvina

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Byzantine Fresco Chapel over the wall

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Norberto Gomez Jr., Cody Ledvina, Cheyanne Ramos (Group 925 members)

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...and then we made a cardboard chair for someone's class. It didn't break!

San Antonio isn't Hot Enough

Man, wasn't that Museo Alameda project in San Antone supposed to be a big deal? Change US perceptions of Latino culture and celebrate solidarity with Chicano culture and the Smithsonian? Looks like it's going down the tubes FAST.

Coming down I-10, blogger Emvergeoning has a review of the MFAH's Red Hot Show HERE.

Friday, September 21, 2007

John Arnold started the hedge fund Centaurus Energy with $8 million of his own money.
More than half of the 17 traders at the company, including Mr. Arnold, once worked at Enron
(photo via NYT)

The newest Houston richie-rich? John Arnold, a former energy trader at Enron, who made his fortune as head of the energy-market hedge fund Centaurus Energy. Newcomer to the Forbes 400 targets for lobbyists and charities, Arnold posts a net worth of $1.5 billion and ranks 317th. At 33 years old(!) he also holds the distinction of being the youngest billionaire on the list.

The Chron sez: "Nearly half of those making their debut on the list made their wealth in hedge funds, according to the magazine."; "Nine Houstonians made the list."

Lefty, Lefty, Lefty


a man in a mask sez:

TONIGHT! Art show!
Featuring art by all of your favorite Houston artists like me and my friends. There will be beer and wine and cheeses and whatnot, actually no wine and cheeses. I made that up.

4014 Graustark
By the Menil and St. Thomas.

A/V Dorks

Last year Michelle Hempton worked with the MFAH for her third A/V Swap Film Project. The first two years were underground events in a movie theatre after they closed for the night (not that I remember which one) with rowdy crowds who packed the aisles and cheered and jeered like they owned the place. That same crowd filled the Brown Auditorium downstairs last year, and the overwhelming response (as well as the films) encouraged both organizer and institution to consider it a resounding success. This year is back to the ad-hoc ways (maybe), after the MFAH film department balked at actually paying Michelle for the work that went into the program- so she's gone free agent again.

The A/V Swap is collaborative project that juxtaposes artists; filmmakers trade compositions with musicians and vice versa. The resulting pieces are sympathetic or antagonistic in turn- one techno song transforming its numbing effect on one filmmaker's ears into static shots of a stopwatch counting down punctuated by a disheveled man sneering "If you think I'm going to take this for another minute, you've got another thing coming." -to which the audience roared with laughter. Another film, an 8-bit Microsoft Paint-looking holdover from the Nineties, was dropped into the hands of Frank Olsen (former lead singer of Amish Acid Dealer) who put the audience through the ringer with a scorching noise-thing that sounded like The Locust; he also mangled the video through three or four digital conversions into a flashing glitchy orange horrorshow- he just hated the video is all. Also included is a well-produced and kitschy tribute to Pak's Convenience Store on Alabama, a horror flick by Stephanie St. Sanchez and Circles (my film!) with a sweet folk song soundtrack. Sometimes participants play both sides of the ball, making one film for a soundtrack and a soundtrack for another video. Check out last year's highlights at the release of the long-awaited DVD this Sunday-

Everyone is invited to the A/V Swap DVD release party
this Sunday at Poison Girl at 4 pm! It will be really fun
and low key. Plus, I will also be giving information about
this years swap. Hope to see everyone there.

Poison Girl
1641 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 529-9929

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Museum of Printing History Tonight, September 20th! Opening from 6-9pm

Museum of Printing History, 1324 West Clay

"In conjunction with Akira Kurosaki’s visit to Houston the Museum of Printing History will present an exhibition of Japanese woodcuts, exhibiting masterworks from the golden age of ukiyo-e prints, including Hokusai, Hiroshige, and Kunisada. The exhibition will then explore the growth of the tradition as it was renewed and adapted in the twentieth century by figures such as Hiroshi Yoshida and Hasui Kawase. Deeply influencing the Impressionists and other Modern Western art, was in turn influenced by the visual traditions of Europe and America. This exhibition traces the dialogue between the cultures while also presenting the works of the great practitioners of the art."

The Jena 6

Today the town of Jena, Louisiana and the national news are swamped with protesters. I tempered my outrage at the situation when I read that the 'noose' incident was 3 months apart from the 'beating' incident. I kinda like what The Black Informant has to say HERE.

Marimba Time

Saturday September 22nd at 8:00pm the Artery presents Rattletree; "It will be mesmerizing to hear this marimba group from Austin in our space. We will cancel in case of rain. If by late evening the weather is questionable, you can call the Artery at 713-523-1942."

5401 Jackson at Prospect (near the Children's Museum), right off of Southmore Street.

Last To Know

just heard of this opening tonight...

Baptism, John Biggers 1989

The Extended Legacy
Thursday September 20 at 6:00pm
Midtown Art Center Tea Room
1413 Holman

Opening reception Thursday, September 20, from 6 to 9 p.m.
The exhibition on view through October 20

John Foreman, Lee Ann Jackson, Ron Smith, Karl Hall, Thomas Freightman, Rose Sprott Swain, Hassan Hilliard, Sarah Trotty, Dan Pore, Roy Thomas, Vernon King, John Biggers, Frank Frazier, Aubrey McCaskell, Dayo Laoyes, Busola Akerele, Denise McGuire, Jamie Woody, Rhonda Radford-Adams, Danny Russo, ...

A picture of our opinions on local exhibitions

...that's the new line at the top of the Houston Press art bites... I kinda like it... check out a new review of Practice Makes Perfect at the Glassell School HERE (all the way down at the bottom of the page)

Nothing Wrong Here

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nip- Stolen Press Release, Modified

An Arrangement for the Architect and a Darkroom Timer, 2005

Evergreen, detail D, 2004

Evergreen, detail E, 2004

Perspectives 158 at the CAMH is multimedia artist Kelly Nipper's photography and video. This is the first solo museum exhibition for her, and the minimal references in her Southern California technology glut demonstrate an eye at odds with lush medium. Nexus Texas is still up too!

Steel Lounge party Friday September 28th for the national distribution launch of Artl!es, the contemporary art journal has been newly redesigned and is finally getting its tendrils outside of Texas . DJ Cuba Gooding Jr. along with friends Miss Teak and Dan Halen (from squidbillies?) downstairs. Special prize for the top scorer in the Texas Art Trivia Quiz at the door.

"As always we will have free sushi for those early birds, two-dollar beers, and cheap cocktails."

Act Right Now

Nova Arts Project auditions for two productions:

The Conduct of Life by Maria Irene Fornes
Directed by Sara Patterson
365 Days/365 Plays National Festival
Directed by Nova Artists

Monday, October 1, 2007 at 7:30 pm
Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex
2201 Preston Houston, TX 77003

Prepare one 1 minute monologue and be prepared for cold readings. Bring a headshot and resume.

The Conduct of Life is looking for 2 Men and 3 Women
365 is looking for all types

Interested Technicians and Stage Manager also please respond

Please call 713-623-4033 or email to schedule audition.
The Conduct of Life starts rehearsals October 22; opens November 30.
365 will perform the last weekend in October.

Poll Results- Cy Twombly Gallery Wins

exterior of the Cy Twombly Gallery and detail of the natural light roof structure, Renzo Piano

Results From the Poll: Best Menil Collection Satellite Art Space?

Cy Twombly Gallery- 42%

the Joanna- 19%

Rothko Chapel- 14%

Dan Flavin at Richmond Hall- 9%

Byzantine Fresco Chapel- 9%

Houston Center for Photography- 4%

Well Renzo Piano should be happy, his museum-building services are in high demand, his international reputation is astronomical, and now in a little poll on a little blog his Cy Twombly Gallery is the most popular art space within a four-block radius- besides the other one he designed next door. I still must insist on the lighting being a big, big factor in why people like art spaces; the Twombly space is also a retrospective of the artist's many periods every day of the year (can you find that anywhere else?) and the resonance of his painting with many of the outsider and folk influences that already exist in Houston is likely cause for additional swooning. Maybe it's just the boosters, but alternative space the joanna Gallery comes in second place-beating out Mark Rothko's opus Chapel and Dan Flavin's kinda-gay roller-rink installation. They're having their second opening ever this Saturday the 21st, check out the Party show of self-portraits featuring Michael Jones McKean, Patrick Phipps, Jenny Schlief and more. The rest round out to be the Byzantine Fresco Chapel (more of a niche art space) that everyone should see for its weightless architecture and heavy concrete and HCP, the Orphan Annie of the group. Is it just the lighting?


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Workshop Houston In The News

Pick up the new ANP Quarterly for a great article on Workshop Houston and the kids running the 3rd Ward Bike Shop! This NYC magazine is a three-headed monster developed by Ed Templeton, Aaron Rose and an unfortunate other- their signature is a little too scribbly to be read by me. In an issue devoted to Chris Burden, Sophie Morner and Rita Ackerman a shot of Flower Man helping kids out goes so well together! All those kids need is a curator intervention and they're a Documenta project waiting to be discovered.

A few copies @ Domy Books.

Tuesday Morning Funnies

Some Mark Flood for ya!

Just Say Drugs, 1993

Michael and E.T., ca. 1985

David Lee, ca. 1985

Bananarama, 1984

Staying Alive, ca. 1984

Roger, 1983

Flashback, man... newer stuff HERE

Killing Bats with Bats down at TSU

WTF? A reported by the Chron HERE...

"One student, Jason Smith, 19, said he killed dozens of bats with a tennis racket at the dorm but was not bitten. 'Nobody got bit — not to my knowledge,' Smith said."

and there are videos of TSU students bashing bats with the Astros' flycatchers of choice!

TSU has bats all over the second and third floor. I mean this is crazy fa real bro...i hope we gettin refund checks for all this...

Monday, September 17, 2007


So Jim Pirtle was accompanied by neither his 'Perry Homo' character or his 'Perry Homo Dancers', but he sure did put on a tight denim suit and karaoke to a couple of songs. After the first one he started to remove himself from his suit with claw hammers, stripping to reveal... even tighter pants!

Travis Kerschen's Luz is a really enveloping film for being only twelve minutes long. His confessional protagonist, caught in headshot portrait, speaks about her love and loves- while her closely framed image is assaulted by cutshots of violent arguments, playful banter and rooftop social scenes.

Tomorrow night is an opening down at 314 Main for Shawna Mouser, who is so popular, she has her own fan club.

Two New Gustons

Philip Guston, Connection, 1979

Philip Guston, Step, 1979

The MFAH kissed ass hardcore for them!
jacked from Frank!

Crazy 'Ol Jim Pirtle

Notsuoh = houstoN
photo by Andy Walker

"Jim Pirtle is unleashing a new performance personna...Perry Homo...a bit of Perry Como mixed with Perry Homes- the real estate company-crooning about having the american dream from the $300,000's backed up by the Perry Homo Dancers and Designers TODAY: 10 pm mon sept 17 at Notsuoh [314 main] in downtown houston where real estate values are in a free fall"

Buffalo Bayou Art Park- Call For Proposals

BBAP announces a call for proposals:
Buffalo Bayou Trail Show.
Deadline: October 7, 2007

The Buffalo Bayou Trail Show is a juried installation exhibit along the trails of Buffalo Bayou. Artists are encouraged to research and find specific spots within the park suited to their project ideas. Projects will be installed for two weeks and must be properly secured and must withstand the weather for the duration of the exhibition. Maps will be produced to guide visitors to the various project sites.

Please submit the following:
-A written proposal outlining project specifics. (A budget would be helpful, but is not required.)
-Sketches for project.

Submissions may be emailed to:

Submissions may also be mailed to:
Buffalo Bayou Art Park
PO Box 70260
Houston, Texas 77270-0260

All submissions must be received by October 7, 2007.

For more information regarding the Buffalo Bayou Trail Show, email:

For more information regarding BBAP, please visit our website at:

Thank you and happy trails!

Wha'dya Think?

One day left to throw your opinion up! Who's the baddest art space on the Menil's block? Click HERE to find out who won!

Maggie, Maggie... Why You Gotta Be A Hater?

Maggie Battaliano, the new head of Commerce Street Artists Warehouse since the Community Bylaws were thrown out by the city of Houston, is getting a little nervous about how she treated former resident Skeez 181. With an impending Houston Press feature by Troy Schulze in the works she should be. After throwing the artist out of his own Chinhui Ome event in August along with everyone else in the building, Battaliano went on to remove Skeez from the building during last week's COLOR1 show and had a tense moment again when the artist and Aztec dancer Javier popped over to the old warehouse from their new digs down on Telephone to do a photo-op for the Press. Can't wait to see what Troy's got to say!

A Rose is Rrose...

Oh la la... pull out the red carpet for former MoMA curator and PaceWildenstein director of drawings Bernice Berend Rose! After filtering through national press for the past week the Chron has announced that the Houston - New York commuter is now the director of the imaginary Drawings Institute of the Menil Collection (although I bet she gets a real office). Expect an examination of the Menil's massive collection demonstrating Rose's flair for organization and curatorial style, just like Franklin Sirmin's photo show when the intrepid curator joined the organization. February will bring The Poetry of Process: A Celebration of Drawing; oh, and a Richard Serra drawing show in the works too.

Chron article HERE... Everett Evans needs to learn how to spell Jackson Pollock...

New Ad!

New ad from soso Design! It'll be in the Houston Free Press and HATER magazine for September!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Drop Your Gun?

With all the art on the walls at the Menil's new Otabenga show, you might miss their greatest intervention- a pretty real looking gun dropped behind the pedestal holding a bronze bust of Paul Robeson.