Monday, February 18, 2008

Busy Man

One month in the life of photog mlsnp...

Lakewood Mega Church ~ Houston

Prayer Room at The Islamic Society of Greater Houston Mosque

Crenshaw Park ~ Pasadena

Pappasito’s Cantina ~ 610 and South Main

USS Texas (BB-35)

San Jacinto Monument

Neon Nights

I-45 at night ~ Houston

The best BBQ In Huntsville

David Adickes Statue of Sam Houston

"Old Sparky"

South Side Roller Derby ~Devil's Rejects VS Las Muertas

Sri Meenakshi Temple ~ Pearland Texas

Skyline shot from the 11th floor of the Criminal Justice Center

"I was night shooting with aggiechristine on January 6th around 10:30 PM. I parked on Capital along side The Federal Building. Walking back to the car we noticed it was gone! I called the police to report it stolen and the dispatcher told me that it had been towed because it was parked in US Marshal's parking. Luckily rhaaga came to the rescue and took us to pick up my car.

"The next day I went to the courthouse, contested the ticket and got it dismissed. To get the towing fee back you actually have to file a suit against the city. I went to court today and pled my case. I showed the judge my photos and was victorious! The judge said the tow was not justified and HPD will be sending me a check for $191 plus the filing fee.

"Moral of the story...if you get towed because the cop is dumb. Fight it! You can win."