Tuesday, April 3, 2007

DEBRIS: Now I've Got Helicopters

If you want to know who sits on the boards of the most powerful oil companies in the world (or in town) check out Anthony Thomas Shumate at the Art League Houston this month; if you want to know where he stole the idea for his Illustrator illustrations stop by theyrule.net. Their Inversion coffee shop down on Montrose is doing very well; I see yuppies outside there every day.

The engineer of some of the strangest paper maché creations ever made, Jesse Lott has had his distinctive creatures and people exhibited in Houston for the last twenty years. This April 7th he opens his newest exhibit at G Gallery in the Heights. If you google him you get a Republican somewhere in California running for minor office. Call 503-659-1704 and tell him you like his art! Stop off next door to G at Redbud and peruse Bernd Baumgard’s new German paintings while you’re north of Washington Avenue.

Zeitgeist Collective, a study in vernacular dissonance, is hopping into the curator business with an exhibit at Notsuoh (314 Main) April 13th featuring Adrian Landon Brooks, Julia Sinelkova, Travis Gorman, Eli Sebastian Brumbaugh, Shawna Mouser and Matt Messinger among others. Whether the Zeitgeist or the Collective show up, you’ll have to go see to find out. Next door to Dean’s in downtown where they have been running exhibits for a couple of years, the reopening of Notsuoh bodes well for the reemergence of art outfits in downtown just as the rest of the city is giving up on it. Maybe all those empty remodeled spaces could be put to some light work?

Free film this April outside the Menil on Saturday, April 14th at 8:30pm! The Aurora Picture Show will be screening two rare Warhol films guaranteed to put you to sleep unless you hit the syrup real hard. Bring a bottle. Exhibiting “Andy Warhol Paints Mao” and “Andy Warhol Mops Hammer and Sickle”.

Hop on down to Commerce Street Artists Warehouse on April 14th for the last opening in the hulking warehouse before the summer oppression sets in, this month CSAW presents Goin’ Mobile featuring Austin, Beijing, New York and San Antonio artists curated by Kimberly Aubuchon. Those kids have been throwing some killer openings in the past few months; expect this one to be out of hand as well!

Speaking of San Antone, I wonder how Houston artists Robert Pruitt and Hana Hillerova have been doing in their recent work down the block from the Alamo. Check out Pruitt’s latest at artpace.org, to see Hana’s work you may have to drive to the desert since Sala Diaz’s content is a little harder to find- just like the seeking of universal religiosity that her show is based on.

Congratulations to artist Frank Rose for being able to put his balls on the line! Frank recently bought Artshouston magazine, reputed for being filled with news about the opera and the Alley that no one wanted to read. Starting May 2007 look for some subtle changes (don’t want to upset the advertisers) that may lead to a magazine with real content on Houston newsstands. Extra congrats to Frank and Kara Duval on their recent wedding down in Galveston!

Hint next time you go by Diverseworks: Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.