Friday, July 20, 2007

Just don't put it on

Why would an art space put nametags on their exhibiting artists as they stand near their work? Sigh...

Colin Zelt's glorification of Montrose through his foot-off-the-ground dog's eye viewpoint looks really good up at HCP right now, I walk down Waugh next to the thrift store (2nd pic) past that white picket fence (1st pic) across the street from where that sign used to stand (3rd photo) on the way to Rudyards all the time!

I wonder what HCP 2007 Fellowship juror Lynn Herbert really thinks of Bexar's satiny, shimmering photos; they're computer printed in saturated decadent color on high gloss canvas, and they may give your eyes a painful hangover or trigger an acid-trip relapse. It sure does grab you! What do you think?

Last minute monster

These parties have been going on sporatically for the past few months, and all I hear is good things the next day. Flaming pyres, weird ravers covered in glow paint and a whole bunch of people hanging out in a field or a warehouse without a roof. Hell, it might be worth it.

Feels like a ten year time warp... click here for better pics of the flyer....

warehouse district - 4501 Clinton Drive -

(in an odd coincidence, a block away from Halliburton's headquarters)


Local car trashes local bronze statue

This happened outside Gremillion in the Village, it was a sculpture by Dimitri Hadzi. Gallery director Chris Skidmore's quote is priceless:

“It is very valuable,” Skidmore explained. “It weighs well over a thousand pounds.”

Hahahaha... the River Oaks Examiner printed that.... Also included is further proof that rich people can get away with anything: "neither of the drivers involved received a traffic violation" Jeez. I've had a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt!

Why cruising craigslist is worth it is seeking dreams about celebrities or famous people.

Please submit to: Famous Dreams

That's some funny shit.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Treon Rick?!?!

Houston artist YAR had something to say about the newest Houston Press article by Kelly Klassmeyer.

"Evidently I make drawings that are unoriginal
and trite. That's good to know because I thought
I was revolutionizing the art world as I drew them.
Kelly Klaassomething is now on my art shit list."

kelly vs. YAR!

Last Call!

Tonight is the night to cruise the museums, because they're all free!

Besides that the Menil is having a roundtable discussion on the late Pollock masterpiece "The Deep", owned by Paris's Centre Georges Pompidou. 6 pm, but get there early. Featuring Menil director Josef Helfenstein, critic Frances Colpitt, Marcia Brennan, Rice art historian Bill Camfield, Brad Epley, Terrell James and Bert Long.

Also, the CAMH is opening Perspectives 157: Xaviera Simmons from 7 - 9 pm! Lots of records on the wall, but it remains to be seen if there will be any substance to Xaviera's work.


check it out...

hehe... Phipps is included in the Real (art) World this year. Hey Diverseworks! Where's the webcam!

more fodder

58,000 millionaires in Houston? Whatever... Dan Duncan is the richest man in Houston! He ranks #100 on the Forbes's Richest List. An avid hunter, he is in some shit for shooting sheep from a helicopter in Siberia. Well, at least he's rich enough to get himself into and out of trouble!

8.2 billion dollars!!! Go buy some art instead of shooting sheep, dude!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Sorry, I heard wrong the other day at the Lawndale- Matthew Sullivan didn't win, he came in third- but here's the top three for ya.

1st Place - April Hernandez (I can't find anything on her except that she was in the Teen Council show "Faux, Foe, Pho" at the CAMH in 2001)

2nd Place - Aesha Lee (Ditto; she was at Prarie View A+M last year in a show curated by Lauren Kelly)

3rd Place - Matthew Sullivan (see here)

Li Wei

Performance art piece by stunt man and conceptual artist Li Wei on Friday!

Performance will begin promptly at 7 o'clock this Friday evening, July 20th, in the entrance area of the Audrey Jones Beck Building.

58,569, to be exact.

lots and lots of millionaires in Houston, maybe one day they'll start buying art instead of Porsches.

negative space fades away...

Debbie Riddle is giving up her space at 68 Yale after the owner declined to let her renew her lease, instead aiming for a hair salon run by the wife of the fashionable store next door. C'est la Vie.

Here's what Debbie's doing about it.

"Negative Space",68 Yale between Washington Ave. and Center St. Next door to "The Social",Just off I-10 at the entrance of the Heights. After a mere 6 years we are relocating. Rather than box up, pack,store, and ebay them,we are offering artworks, art materials, business items, home items, antiques, and plenty of items we've collected way beyond our time at this location. Show up and find a treasure for yourself amidst our years of collecting a wide range of materials.

Sat July 21 & Sun July 22, 10am-6pm

If we can empty the building within a week. My gallery space can host a one night hang so some of you can add a listing to your resumes. Debbie Riddle

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

One upping the Menil?

Kansas City seems to have gotten a little brighter...

Give Up vs YAR!

here's some pics from the current show @ Domy Books.

party pics!

more photos here.

Maria Elena sez:

For this season, my top five favorites are:

1. McClain gallery- has brought to Houston some of the best shows of the season such as Peter Halley and Louise Nevelson among others. Their current show China Now is an extraordinary collection of the dynamics of contemporary art in China.
2. CTRL gallery- I Loved Group One. Specially the pieces by Beau Chamberlain and sculptures by Jane South.
3. Sicardi gallery- has had the best shows by kinetic Latin American artist.
4. Barbara Davis- always pleasant.
5. Inman Gallery

Hopefully the fall will be as exciting as the spring.


So Troy Schulze decided to take me on by bashing my essay for an exhibit at Vine Street Studios "Red Velvet". Read his review here and my essay here. I don't care if you read either one, but I would like to ask if you might take a moment to help me fuck with this writer. Or if you agree with him, then why not write a letter agreeing with him? The more the merrier!

Email the Houston Press! Send a letter to the editor. They'll print it! I sent one already, but I sure could use your help! Wanna see mine? it's nice and sarcastic.

Dear Houston Press,

I find it flattering that I was so compelling in my essay "Red Velvet" that Troy Schulze found it useful to print large portions in his review "Disrobed". I am sorry he disagreed with my premise with such hostility, but a strong reaction is always the best reception a writer can hope for. I take exception to his characterization of Whitney Riley's paintings, "insipidness as a nurturing entity", and I believe the artist intended to mock didactic stereotypes of women today with her absurd juxtapositions of bikini-clad models and domestic interiors. Though he may write a bit concretely for art criticism; good luck with the journalism, Troy.

Sean Morrissey Carroll

Monday, July 16, 2007

Check out Jennie Jones' What a Little Moonlight from the CAMH's Black Light White Noise. They actually have a few podcasts on their site, interesting enough.


Barbara Davis' top six galleries in Houston:
-in no particular order-

1. Texas

2. Devin Borden Hiram Butler

3. Finesilver

4. Inman

5. Mackey

6. Moody

Finesilver and Inman have good new shows- Mackey's on the move (check the link for a peek at their new conceptual building) and Moody's group show is curated by beach bum Galvestonian Clint W.

what do ya think? got your own list? post it on the comments! (you can post anonymously too!)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Helping out the neighbors

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