Friday, August 8, 2008

Remember, There's No Art in August.

photography and video work of Rachel Hewlett,
Ben Aqua and Mike Ruiz
and a video installation by Frederique de Montblanc
Opening August 16th
Houston-born, Berlin-based DJ Plank
who will spin tracks ranging from Krautrock
to Japanese new wave.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Who Says There's No Art in August?

Google Blows Up Screwston

I found a few cool shots...

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Bert Long installation outside the El Dorado Ballroom, Project Row Houses

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matching shirts couple outside the Menil, dorks

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Mel Chin's Palm, 1978, at the CAMH

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Bootleg Gallery, wtf is coming out of that window?

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DBHB left their gate open!

happy hunting!

Surfing Pleasures

Just imagine....

Painting for sale of which that have not yet been painted.

Reply to:
Date: 2008-08-05, 1:29PM CDT

I am not an expert in painting but I have strong emotions. I do not have a por[t]folio but I have faint memories of what I have created in the past. My mind is creative but is handicapped because I lost the love of a girl and the obsession of my mind may have what caused the lost.

I will paint a painting of your choice and influenced by my handicapped creativity and broken heart for 1 million dollars. After I have painted the painting if it leads to the reuniting of myself and the heart that I long for then she will paint you a painting (she knows not of this).

and the punchline...
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

lol heartbroken craigslist posts


from a Lawndale performance

Jimmy Kuehnle, currently in Japan making the rounds in another inflatable suit, here in a performance from last year (the video sez 2006, maybe I'm too dumb to remember time)

Texas to the world, yo.

F!CK bike! on the news (great hat)

Put Yer Frog On It

Insignia 27" Flat Screen-Tube Standard-Definition Digital Television.

I have three television sets that were used for an art installation and are no longer needed. These are beautiful TVs with great picture quality. TVs include remote controls and manuals.

Asking price: $200 each, $500 for all three or make an offer.

for photos or more information, please email: info [at] Subject: TVs


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tell Ya Bout it Tomorrow

j/d goes for a drive

edouard, take one ...

i woke up at dawn to check out his stats, and was disappointed to see he turned northwards too early for me to make it out to the location where tornadoes would be the most likely. since i had already packed for the day, however, i decided to head to galveston and see what i could see.

not so photogenic, this storm ... in fact, it was pretty much a whitewash. i hung out on the seawall for a while and tried to find the weather channel van, but no such luck. then i noticed the ferry was actually still running ... that seemed fun, so i decided to go to bolivar and head eastward on 87 for a while. again, not so photogenic.

i took this shot from hwy 124, south of winnie :

the rest were even less interesting.

winds were sustained at probably 30-35 mph. it was cool to just sit and watch the low cloud banks streak across the sky for a while, though. and the roads were eerily deserted. after checking the radar imagery on my phone, i could see that i was close to the 'eye' ... after weighing a few options, i decided to head north to i-10 and drive westward straight into the heaviest rain and winds just inside the center of circulation.

yeah, i know.

this almost proved fatal, as i encountered extremely heavy rains and winds gusting strongly enough to cause my truck to nearly capsize. and capsize is the correct term here, as i was hydroplaning most of the way back to houston! at one point, visibility was near zero, i was in the left lane, a semi-tractor was next to me on my right, and we drove under a bridge .... which contained a low spot on the freeway ... and straight into about 3 feet of water!

i had about one second to prepare. inhaled deep and stomped the clutch. thought of everyone and everyplace i love in 4 milliseconds. 60mph to zero in a flash of white water. i could feel my truck floating and swerving. remembered i JUST paid it off and almost broke a smile!! quick downshift. somehow grabbed the road. checked mirrors - no one behind me. understood i wasn't about to be rear-ended. realized i was still alive. realized the truck was somehow ok. realized my shorts were still dry. kept going. exhale. fuuuuuuuuuuuck. that was close. many gods were profoundly thanked and praised.

perhaps i'll go out again later tonight ..... on foot.

l o v e

Skipping Work Today? -The Tontons

Big Lebowski Party

The Tontons just won Best New Artist from the Houston Press. They kinda rock too.

Here a pic of them with Bun B.

lead singer Asli on the right

and something for people with speakers sitting in a quiet office. Too quiet.

Pretty Building Seeks Love and a Little Care

"Asking price: $1.3 million. Maybe whoever buys it will restore the theater’s original Alamo-style facade!"

via Swamplot

Monday, August 4, 2008

John Hope Franklin Lecture

Dr. Franklin signing his book
while receiving an honorary degree from Davidson

Last Friday at the MFAH, in conjunction with Houston Collects African-American Art, Dr. John Franklin spoke in the Brown Auditorium to a packed house. The day was filled with talks with young and established artists but the hot ticket was that 10 am heavyweight of African-American Studies. He wrote the book on it, literally, with the 1947 From Slavery to Freedom. Social activists, artists, esteemed members of the black community and River Oaks collectors converged on the event in unexpected numbers, and I was one of the ones left outside.

It didn't help that I arrived right at 10. That was stupid but traffic sucks, yo. It was smart to wear a suit though. As I arrived a mob of about a hundred were shouting at guards, cajoling for standing room only space and flashing whatever angle they had.

"I need to sit down, I have a bad knee."

"We are friends of the family, let us in."

"We came all the way from..."

"I work at..."

"I was just in there and came out because I forgot my purse..."

I knew that I had only a slim hope of getting in and that I had to hold my cards as long as possible.

"Do you have any more room for press?"

It usually works. Whether at the front door or sneaking around the back, it's an excuse that is ambiguous enough for anyone to whip it out and then disappear back into the ether. Try it sometime. It only took me 45 minutes to make it work.

First off my suit made me exempt from the security guards when they got tough and forced the crowd from an unruly mob into an unruly single file line. I stood next to a diminutive volunteer who probably expected an hour of handing out leaflets and pointing out the bathrooms. She was mistaken, and terribly disturbed by the scene around her. After I introduced myself as a writer she graciously repeated her name and didn't mind as I ignored the guards by standing on the wrong side of the wall directly next to the entrance. I had an ally.

"They're not leaving." she managed to squeeze the whisper out of the side of her mouth as she kept smiling.

"Well, they know that the first 'No' doesn't really mean No."

"But there's no room in there."

"Yup, that's true..." I trailed off as I hoped she wouldn't associate my incredulity with theirs, and she didn't.

Something you might find while googling "from slavery to freedom"

A tall white dude tried to sidle in on my action, backing into the tiny corner between the door and a table full of From Slavery to Freedom. "I know you're getting in, I'm standing here." We made small chit-chat as I crossed him off of the list of people who would be getting in. Eventually he succumbed to the waving arms and booming voice of the blue blazer security, but I was oblivious to the call- engaged in a surprisingly tantalizing conversation with my volunteer ally.

"They won't leave." It started the same as the last time. "Why won't they leave?"

"Well that's the third time that they've been told 'No', I think they might start leaving."

Three children sprinted in front of us. "Why would you bring children here?"

I had to hedge my response. "I don't know. I guess that they want to let their children hear him speak." She clucked, and I was amazed at the way the conversation turned.

"...and they're all gonna vote for Obama."

Screw hedging. It might get me kicked off the fast track to the lecture, but it was already half over anyway.

"Yes, they will vote for Obama. I've voting for him too."

This was obviously going too far. I was in danger of being recognized as not a Texan, which most of the inner loop is anyway, but I am supremely aware myself that a Pace commercial could be around the corner at any moment- with the phrase New York City! followed quickly by a lasso around my shoulders or a horse kicking me in the ass. She raised an eyebrow and I bridged the divide between us. "Do you like John McCain?"

"We need someone who can protect us, what has Obama done? He was in the Senate for three years."

I felt no need to hold back from a non sequitur.

"C'mon, John McCain? We lost the Vietnam War you know."

She wasn't expecting that. "Well what do you like about him?"

"He's smart. I like his ideas. I like him. He's a orator." I felt good about that, justified.

"Well... I don't know... I hope he doesn't win, but he has such a wonderful personality."

That surprising verdict seemed like the best I was ever going to get out of this Texan, and I was proud as hell. A few seconds later I saw a lady with a handful of MFAH stickers in a becoming black dress darting into the auditorium and I took my shot...

"Do you have any more room for press?"

Thankfully it worked, and I slid in under the hot gaze of dozens of worthy patrons hoping to be the next exception to the rule.

The room auditorium was packed, but I parked my ass on the back wall where I could see the diminutive figure in a brown-gray suit (I don't know what color it was, I was really far away) from over someone's shoulder. Even though I missed half the lecture it seemed like Dr. Franklin started exactly when I entered the room. He spoke about his first dip into the intoxication of collecting artwork in India, then about a shift, a need to collect African-American artwork and spend his money on his own cultural heritage.

Romare Bearden, Return of the Prodigal Son, 1967

A trip to Africa brought Franklin into contact with a Nigerian sculptor that he grew to adore. It was during the honeymoon of Nigerian independence after 1960, and the United States had sent a contingent to the African nation to assist with building a democratic bureaucracy. A similar program brought Barack Obama's father to the United States from Kenya in 1959, unmentioned by Dr. Franklin.

Aaron Douglas, An Idyll of the Deep South, 1934

The professor, employed first at Brooklyn College and then at the University of Chicago, developed a love for African-American modernists and told stories of acquiring Romare Bearden and Aaron Douglas masterpieces. He even dodged the Bearden estate when he had failed to pay the artist for a work. The crowd cooed and occasionally hollered, by the end of the lecture another dozen had talked themselves into the room and were blocking the aisles and staircases with abandon. Peter Marzio flashed them pearly whites and asked the audience for questions. A woman politely stood and praised the professor, asking for his collection to be given a place in the MFAH, for we all would like to see it. The Q and A took a sharp turn after that.

I saw her bolt up as the crowd was clapping. She was about ten rows in front of me and had a red swath of fabric jutting up a foot taller than her hair. She waved a wide reed fan in front of her face, and was clothed in a matching red dashiki. By the time Ms. Polite was finished she had lumbered right up to the stage, and she began shouting. The beginning was muffled, but she walked right up to the speaker, waving her fan like it was an involuntary muscle. She grabbed his microphone.

"I want you to know that I am one of two surviving students who sued HISD to test Brown v. Topeka [Board of Education] in Texas, and I just want to say thank you."

The crowd roared.

"And I also want you girls out there to know that he's still single, and I'm 66 and just want to give you a kiss."

They roared with laughter.

Marzio thanked his speaker as the lady moved in for a peck. The crowd began the steep decent out of the auditorium, and I wandered the James Turrell tunnel, the forest at Fountainebleau and Houston Collects African-American Art, all unencumbered by permission to be there- under the inalienable cover of a nice suit.

Saturday in the Warehouse District

Saturday August 9th
Three Muse Gallery x Electric City Org.

x Reprogram Music

Do it any way you wanna!
dance party, art show, social affair..

with djs:
Damon Allen from Boys + Girls Club
Skull Gang Disco: Ceeplus Bad Knives, Juan the Terrible, Prkl8r
Grrrl Parts: Gab-e + Natasha Ninjason

+ more tba very soon

art works by:
Jonathan Jackson
Robert Hodge
Belltower Sphinx

+ more

Three Muse Gallery / 2020 Commerce / 10pm-late / More info tba soon

Seen Drudge Today?

I kind of like the pic he used for the city... wonder where he stole it from. Have any ideas?

Schlumberger in the House!

Who was spotted hitting up the Jonathan Meese party at the Watermill Center? Christophe de Menil, heir to the Schlumberger fortune and the Menil Collection pedigree. Howard Stern and one of those dudes who lost Project Runway were there too!

via Artforum Diary