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No, No We Don't.

Does Houston arts district have a 'First Friday' art walk? (Austin, TX)

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Date: 2008-05-01, 11:16PM CDT

Yeah, so, did I dream that or something? Is there a 1st Friday type thing in Houston where all the galleries are open Friday night?

Thanks for your help- I'm looking for representation there in Houston and am making the drive there soon. Tomorrow, if this 1st Friday thing isn't just a figment of my imagination.

It is a figment of your imagination.

The Clayton Brothers: As Is

In case you missed out on the last show, here's one more chance to see the duo's work before it EXPLODES and covers your mom's face with pigment!

May 3 - June 2, 2008
Mackey Gallery (.com)
628 E. 11th St.
Houston, TX 77008

Nothing To It (An evening of itty bitty witty ditties)

Celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, The Art Guys will present Nothing to It (An evening of itty bitty witty ditties), a retrospective of staged performances, some of which have not been seen in more than 12 years! Nothing to It will include "Wrap Music," a musical arrangement performed entirely on industrial strength wrapping material and "Inverted Karaoke," which features the duo singing songs karaoke-style while the audience is unable to hear the music. Additionally, The Art Guys will unveil new “world premieres never seen before by man nor beast” plus many more surprises throughout the evening - and as always, intentionally unrehearsed!

Saturday May 3 - 8:00 PM
Location: Lyndall Finley Wortham Theatre (University of Houston)
Admission: $10 For Seniors, Students & Children Under 12; $12.50 for others
Ticket sales and Information: 713-743-2929
(Entrance 16 off Cullen Blvd; free parking in Lot 16)

I know you only like FREE stuff so if you can't make it, at least check out THESE VIDEOS!


Looking for something to do tonight? Then try Hunting this building down for a good time:


BOX 13 Hosts UH student exhibitions
Friday, May 2, 7:30-10:30 pm
6700 Harrisburg (free parking on Cesar Chivas)

Sound in Motion: Culture & Technology
Très Puddle: UH Painting Blockheads
Beyond the expanded field...again: Advanced UH Sculpture Students
"800 Meters" a video installation by Kim Cook: Meditative Experiences
Yum Um: Ultimate Post Modern Party Bash

BOX 13 ArtSpace is an artist run nonprofit innovative environment for the creation and advancement of experimental contemporary art in Houston. BOX 13 artists create this environment through the offering of affordable workspaces for emerging and established artists, dedicating two interior spaces to the exhibtion of artistic explorations, a window gallery for installations and an outdoor performance exhibition space. BOX 13 promotes dialogue among artists and the art community on current trends affecting the arts.

We take in new residents as studio spaces open up on an ongoing basis. We review new member aplications as a group. We evaluate applicants both on their work and on their ability and attitude to participate within the BOX 13 community.

We are currently accepting applications for new members.

The founding members of BOX 13 are Elaine Bradford, Woody Golden, Michael Henderson, Young-Min Kang, Kathy Kelley, Teresa O'Connor, Whitney Riley and Mat Wolff.

BOX 13 is a nonprofit corporation and is currently seeking it's 501c3 status with the IRS.

Anyway, Hope to see you there!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Houstonist Photo of the Day

Great Southwest

by telwink

Theater? Art? Performance?

to benefit Workshop Houston

Opening at Artstorm!

Lisa Marie Godfrey sez:

Dream Guide Series
Shoot from the hip
@ ArtStorm
opening 5/3/2008 7-10PM

The opening reception for Shoot from the Hip will feature an interactive “Polaroid Wall.

We invite all guests to participate in posing for a Polaroid to post on the wall, to commemorate the show and the death of the Polaroid Camera.

1,000 Posts

I need to pick up another hobby...



Be worried.

You may find yourself sexyATTACKed!!!



Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Space Cadet

For Tyler Green, on the anniversary of the Bush 2 "Mission Accomplished" press conference, today seems like as good'a time as any to point out that postmodernism is dumb.

Baudrillard, Derrida and Foucault were stupid cunts. Lets try and learn from history instead. The simulacra? Stupid. Hyperreality? Idiot.

Pearls Before Swine, April 29, 2008

Tyler and his blog Modern Art Notes are asking for bloggers to submit their suggestions for artwork with an eye on history; contemporary thought as memory of war.

Mel Chin, The Shape of a Lie, 2005

Mel Chin, WMD, 2004-5

Robert A. Pruitt, Elegant Garveyite, 2006

Robert A. Pruitt, Sandinista, 2006

Mark Hesterlee, Abettor of the New Era, 2008

Mark Hesterlee, Total Nonstop Action, 2008

There are a lot of wars we shouldn't forget, and a lot of history that no one knows.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Wonder What Artadia Thought They Were Getting... awarding Phillip Perez, aka ARTICLE, a spot in this year's finals? Perhaps his application was filled with paintings, but he is notorious in Houston for many other things.

oh brother... ARTICLE "Living Legend"

ARTICLE, rather than being a living legend, is known by graff crews as a turncoat who speaks to the cops. Pretty ironic that he sued HPD for arresting him at the Westheimer Block Party...

plus Part 3 and part 4

...when he reproduced several tags HPD already knew from the streets.
His setup had the facile caveat "Graff 101, This Class is on Characters, Examples"

Phillip is also known for an exchange with City Councilmember Sue Lovell at a MFAH symposium on graffiti, where Lovell tried to negotiate with ARTICLE as if he represented taggers in Houston. She "promised" to devote the city's Graffiti Removal budget ($2 million) to purchasing legal space for graff writers if they would, quote, "Stop".

Lovell went on to compare writers with dogs...

So his application must have spoken for itself, and his inclusion is no disrespect to Artadia, but I do think it is fucking funny if they have to eventually defend their 'artists' to community activists fighting graffiti in the city.

ARTICLE on Graffiti

Mitchell Center Steps In Love

Keijiro Suzuki sez:
Come to our “thing” and we promise not to tell you what love is.
We’ll let you tell us.

729 Studewood St
Thursday May 1st, 8-10 pm

The cultural terrain of Houston creates alienation. Forced to look for love in unconventional ways, one small group of misanthropic artists figured out the hard way after failed attempts to explain love by collecting stories, filling out surveys and even subjecting themselves to the horrors of online dating.

We've decided to scrap our conventional art project.
Instead, we created an interactive environment between experiment and experience.
Both love and life, it depicts a life where love is not lost. In short, we’re just throwing a “thing”.

Billy Melbert Pulls It Out

watch the commercial HERE

Gas is Still Cheaper Here, Too

A new program beginning May 13th targets tourists by bundling tickets to downtown attractions, do you think Screwston is in line with the other ten cities on their list?

5 tickets for $257 in and around LA
6 tickets for $74 in New York
$69 Atlanta
$65 (US) in Toronto
$59 in Chicago
$54 in San Fran
$54 Philly
$50 Hollywood
$50 Seattle
$44 in Boston

Betcha Houston will be 30 bucks.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Gore on Gore

A new video about Houston street artist Give Up and his show up at Aerosol Warfare Gallery will be in rotation on Al Gore's current cable network. Overdesigned for the younger generation, current even has a time bar at the bottom of the screen like youtube. The face of the video short is Gonzo from AW, trying to claw references from horror and Texas pride to define the artist.

A Little Money

A local artist seeks an experienced craftsman to build and stretch a number of large canvases within the next two weeks. Pay is negotiable. Could lead to more of the same type of work on a more regular basis.

Please send an e-mail to: if you are interested and describe your experience level as well as availability and hourly rate.

Beating Dead Horses

Also rejected by the Hunting Prize for questionable aesthetic and/or political reasons

Carlos Cuevas from Canyon, Texas

Carlos Cuevas, Che

Balloon Bonanza

Come out today and see what they've been working on!
Downtown Mixer
A collaborative project for downtown Houston by Mel Ziegler
April 23-May 23, 2008
Various buildings in downtown Houston

Opening Reception Monday April 28, 5-7pm
at One Allen Center, 500 Dallas Street, 77002

Over three days our volunteers collected over 1600 balloons from eight buildings in downtown Houston.

BBAP volunteers have been installing them in the lobbies of the buildings over the weekend, and will celebrate with a reception at One Allen Center today, Monday April 28th at 5pm. So come on down and mix it up!

Critical Mass Houston

April 23rd, 2008

Screwin' up traffic at Discovery Green and the Case party at Aerosol Warfare

We've got a new address!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hunting "War" Continues

San Antonio artist Joan Fabian is still reeling from her disrespectful disqualification from the Hunting Art Prize. She is now revealing circumstances that make it seem like the Hunting Oil Company is bungling their Art Prize to no end.

Before the final jury process was under way Hunting including her in the "finalists", but her work was not seen by jurors.

UPDATE: No word on who represents the "governing board" of Hunting Oil, but they did the axing of about 12 artists included as finalists.

Joan says: "I would be interested in hearing from other artists that got the boot and what kind of art theirs is... Hey, if Hills Synder is out there reading this, another current finalist, tell me [if] you actually did a framed painting? I am interested in knowing- you usually do sculpture.
Just curious!"

Opposite of Peace, 2007

via Glasstire Shuffleboards