Friday, May 9, 2008

"GIRL" @ PremiumGoods

Tucked away in the middle of Rice Village is a limited edition sneaker store and urban art gallery which will be featuring 4 female street artists: Jeanette Degollado, Y.E.Torres, B~Kay & Melinda Mosheim

Reception: May 10, 2008 (9-11 PM)
Exhibit runs until Saturday November 1, 2008.
(New works added periodically.)

2416 Times Blvd.

Lawndale Art Center On Display

Reception: May 9 (6:30-8:30 PM) (With artist talks at 6:00 PM)
Exhibit: May 9 – June 14, 2008

Lawndale always knows how to throw a good party and fill up their massive space(s) with good art and good people so be there or be square!

Showings include:

Drawing in Space
Work by Daniel Adame, John Adelman, Annette Lawrence, Cory Wagner & The Art Guys

What We Want Is Too Late
Artist Residency Work by Danny Kerschen, Lynne McCabe & Teresa O’Connor

3 Months and 90 Days
Moody Drawings by Catherine Colangelo

The Suburbs of the Emerald City
Hand-Made Geodes by Joshua Smith

Blaffer Gallery Group Show

Opening: May 9 (6-8 PM)
Exhibit: May 10 – August 2, 2008

So I'll be honest, I'm a bit disappointed that my new work wasn't selected to be a part of this show but it's all good because that's why I organized my own exhibit to show the works. Hope you were there to see it a couple weeks ago. If not, you can see some pics here: Ghost of a Facade

Anyway, I'm still interested in seeing the work of those who made it in because I admire some of these people and I'm sure they will impress.

"The 2008 Houston Area Exhibition, selected by Blaffer Gallery curator Claudia Schmuckli, not only introduces artists who are young or new to the Houston community, but it also offers more seasoned artists the opportunity to develop new work and to be seen in a fresh light. The issues put forth in the works in the exhibition vary, but what connects all of the artists is an active engagement with ideas and concerns that define life in this particular contemporary moment – be it as an individual, a society, or a nation. Held every four years, the Houston Area Exhibition takes the pulse of contemporary art made in Houston to offer a snapshot of what matters to artists in the here and now." - Blaffer

Night of the Living Dead

"Growing up in Mexico, Death Head was greatly inspired by the annual holiday known as "Day of the Dead". Taking this century old tradition of celebrating life and death, and embracing it with a Punk Rock lifestyle and "fuck you" attitude, Death Head emerged as a cultural hybrid…forging the colors, sounds, spirituality, political and economical traits of these genera's. Interpreting life through the brutal, animalistic, primal side of humanity, Death Head began abstracting human faces (including his own) into a diversity of animal skulls, creating the inner man we all try to hide or deny. Death Head views himself as a shaman of sorts, as the doorman for the truth seekers looking for the occult, the macabre and spiritual awakening. His work brings the viewer closer to nature and helps bridge the gap between life, death, and the universe as a whole." - -Aerosol Warfare

Get Your Art Car Parade On!

Sneak Peek/Block Party/Art Car Symposium
May 9: 7-10pm

"Come to the Orange Show on Friday night and get the first look at the mobile creations from all over the US. We're closing off Munger Street and celebrating and talking shop, Art Car style! Live music and entertainment, plus the "Shop Talk" Art Car Symposium in the amphitheatre of the Orange Show monument."-Orange Show Site

The Parade
May 10: 1PM @ Allen Parkway

If you really want to get a good look at the cars while not burning in the sun then I suggest you show up early and snag a spot under one of the trees in the median. That way you can experience both sides of the parade and look smug for staying cool.

For an extensive look at all the Art Car events this weekend, please visit The Orange Show site:

Contemporary Arts Museum Preview Reception

This Photographer, Charlie White, is pretty incredible and is only 1 of over a dozen artists being shown.
I know there's a lot going on this weekend so if you don't make it here tonight make sure you stop by before the show gets taken down.

Reception: May 9 (9-11PM)
Exhibit: May 10 – July 20

From the CAM site:

The Old, Weird America will be the first museum exhibition to explore the widespread resurgence of folk imagery and history in American contemporary art. Curated by Contemporary Arts Museum Houston senior curator Toby Kamps, the exhibition illustrates the relevance and appeal of folklore to contemporary artists, as well as the genre’s power to illuminate ingrained cultural forces and overlooked histories. The exhibition borrows its inspiration and title—with the author’s blessing—from music and cultural critic Greil Marcus’ 1997 book examining the influence of folk music on Bob Dylan and The Band’s seminal album, The Basement Tapes.

The Old, Weird America will feature approximately 75 recent paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, installations, and video works from nearly 20 artists and collaborative groups, including Eric Beltz, Jeremy Blake, Sam Durant, Barnaby Furnas, Brad Kahlhamer, David McDermott and Peter McGough, Aaron Morse, Cynthia Norton (a.k.a. Ninny), Greta Pratt, Dario Robleto, Allison Smith, Kara Walker, and Charlie White.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

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