Friday, February 6, 2009

Oh No!

Thelma’s Bar B Que — on the corner of Live Oak and Lamar in the Warehouse District is closed, after the restaurant was singed by a fire last Friday.

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I'm so sad!

Every half our jocks will chant "Jocks! Jocks! Jocks!" and nerds will reply "Nerds! Nerds! Nerds!"

Wanna know what's up tonight?


Michael K. Taylor: Beats Rhymes & Mike
The Collective at the Midtown Art Center Tea Room
Friday, Feb. 6, 6-9 pm

Houstonist Photo of the Day

Survey Results: Knitta Please wins!!!

Best Part of the Upcoming "No Zoning" Show at the CAMH?

Knitta Please

Flower Man

Bill Davenport

Benji Mason and Zach Moser

Honorable Mention:

Sharon Engelstein

Mel Chin

Jim Pirtle

In There Too:

Lauren Kelley

Urban Animals

Dolan Smith + Tamarie Cooper

Voted Off The Island:
George Hixson

Who Else Is In The Show?

Dean Ruck and Dan Havel

Carroll Parrott Blue

The Art Guys

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Git Money

Stimulus giving Metro $180 million for rail

Houston Metro is due to receive as much as $180 million over the next 12 months from a huge economic stimulus bill to help jump-start construction of two light rail lines, a House committee chairman said Wednesday.

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Described by the NYT as "brashly, unapologetically entertaining" the stage production of Charles Mee's Robert Rauschenberg tribute will come to Houston for the first time beginning on February 20th at the Wortham Theater.

Check out the pretty funny script, including stage direction like "A chicken slowly descends from the flies on a string" HERE.

Director Ed Araiza sez: "[W]e're putting on a Texas-sized production, this version of the play will be more Texas-centric, and that makes sense. I'm from San Antonio. Bob Rauschenberg was from Port Arthur. Most of our cast and crew are from Texas. Our Texan cast will take an intimate production like this and try to open it up." via

Brutal, Destructive, Demented and Delicious

Have you seen Superjail!? It's an awesome cartoon on [adult swim] with the face of the Rugrats and the soul of de Sade. Check the clip. Then read the Free Press interview with the show's creator. It's good for you.

Best Way To Describe The Stimulus Plan?

Hilariously well intentioned.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Flashmob Houston! (Ned Hibbert Missed It)

Using a pre-recorded, intricate MP3, Flashmob Houston choreographed a massive set of activities for a bunch of mobbers that totally exceeds the usual "let's all go here and do one thing" mantra. CLICK HERE for the play by play.

Flashmob Houston sez:

Overall, the 50+ participants had a great time, despite the funky Houston weather. We are working on the video right now and should have that up soon. If you have any feedback, or would like to share your experiences, please email us. We want to thank everyone who came out and participated and we look forward to many more events with you!

RIP Max Neuhaus

"He is really part of that generation who changed art in the 1960s," Helfenstein said. "What he did is very radical, actually. ... He managed to define space with sound."

via Arts in Houston (chron)

Walk up to the Menil any day of the week (even if they're not open) and you'll hear a droning plane, or train, or spaceship, or mutant mosquito- buzzing lightly in your ears. That's Max.

I Went and Saw Pat Graney

Pat Graney

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pics From PRISMATTAK at Domy

curator Lisa Marie Godfrey with Rebecca Ward installation

sneak attack! (about an hour before the show opened)


Brent Wadden and Lane Hagood (vid)

Stefan Agov

Renate Lucia


Renate Lucia and Woody Golden

Stefan Agov and Woody Golden

Brent Wadden




Pics From Optical Project and Bill's Junk


outside bill's

inside bill's junk
(it'll be installed, as a working store, at the CAMH for your perusal in May)

Morris Chakas co-curator Francesca Fuchs (at left)

Adrian and Michael checkin' out Chakas


Fuchs's studio





Monday, February 2, 2009

One Hundred Fucking Transmissions


John Baldessari, 1971, lithograph

via MoMA (who tweets)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jackass in a Bird Suit from Houston

skip to 1:37

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