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Swamplot sez: IKEA Checkout gets some sexy

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Allen's Landing, the myth of Houston's founding, is a fake.

[Researcher] Wagner asked Charlie Lansden, the director of Houston's mid-century "Community Betterment Division", about the matter. He'd worked to make Allen's Landing a city park.

Where did you find that name? Wagner asked him.

We made it up, he replied. It sounded better than "the old port."

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Any Performance Artists Wanna Fuck Up A TV Show?

cheaters (houston )

Reply to:
Date: 2008-08-21, 8:08AM CDT

looking for actors who would like to be on cheaters the nationally syndicated show the pay is cool will discuss when you reach out. i will need you to send your:
name :
phone number
we will call you back and schedule a interview and shoot time if we are interested
couples and groups of three are preferred.

is this your taco?

is this houston? photo-blogger Pankaj offers up a jueves tour of mobile guisada distributors.
silly-ass shit from a guy who drives everywhere, doesn't sleep very much, takes pics of cops, stopped in the street in front of my house last March and has a sense of wry humor. He biked through the Houston Ship Channel Tunnel. Nutty? Obsessive? Fast fun.

Typical Thursday, Screwston, Tejas

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FYI you Xiu Xiu lovers... go to the Mink tonight...

9ish pm

The Orange Show sez:

NEW LOCATION: The Backroom (at The Mink)
3718 Main at Alabama
Houston, TX 77002

What to do after that

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Y mas! Press Release Hoodoo

Menil Collection被认为是世界最好的私人博物馆之一,其中对Surrealism艺术品的收藏全球数一数二,因为主人Menil跟Surrealism的带头大哥们是莫逆之交,自己又嫁给了休斯顿的石油大亨。 这个展馆是意大利的一位建筑大师的杰作

The Menil Collection

cordially invites you to a Gallery Talk
Peter Mowris

“Outlandish and Otherworldly: A Foray into Imaginary Spaces”

three centuries of paintings, sculpture, and works on paper from the Menil Collection
curated by Michelle White

immediately followed by a Film Screening
by Aurora Picture Show
“Space in Early Twentieth-Century Cinema”
Saturday, August 23, 2008
6:30 PM Gallery Talk

8:00 PM Outdoor Film Screening
At the east end of the museum

Artists and writers have long been intrigued with the idea of constructing imaginary space. The exhibition is inspired by a series of installations organized by John and Dominique de Menil in the late-1960s-that dealt with spatial constructs: from hypothetical and utopian environments to invisible cities to earth art projects.

Peter Mowris, University of Texas Research Fellow-in-Residence at The Menil Collection will lead a gallery tour that uses work in Michelle's exhibition Imaginary Spaces: Selections from The Menil Collection to consider concepts of space in twentieth-century art. The talk will be followed by a film presentation of early twentieth-century film shorts—directed by artists such as Fernand Léger, René Clair, and Hans Richter—that experimented with the abstract depiction of space in the cinema.

Free popcorn and sodas

The Menil Collection
1515 Sul Ross
17th century prints by Piranesi,
early 20th century visionary architectural drawings
surrealism, de Chirco and Matta,
earthworks by Smithson,
Celmins and Turrell

infermatin' or call 713-525-9414

Survey sezzz.......

Studio space needed (Houston)

Reply to:
Date: 2008-08-20, 1:49PM CDT

Artist looking for cheap, everything included, studio to rent. Please contact me.

Props, Yo.


Carol from Rusted Shut just uploaded a bunch of sweet images she proposed to Thurston Moore for an exhibit at KS ART in New York. Noise/Art was all musicians who are visual artists, including Carley and Twig from Nautical Almanac, John Olson from wolf eyes and Moore's Sonic Youth bandmate Kim Gordon.

Dirty hipsters galore in pics from the opening.


Why do photos of Houston ALWAYS have freeways in the foreground?


Houstonist Photo of the Day

Towards a Newest Laocoon

RJ Matson

Art history reference, political cartoon, totally obscure message; too sweet.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lazy Afternoon, Bring Your Respirator

MOT: Millipede Ontology Treacle

No, not really. Just movies at Miller Outdoor Theater. I'm glad they're not showing Aladdin and Happy Feet, but they sure reached for the early 60s matinee empty theater arthouse collection. All films begin at 8:15 pm.

Tonight (Tuesday) is 1934 comedy of manners The Thin Man, and between the bitchy banter you might see the forming of the ensemble-cast-detective-story genre. They should've done 1985s Clue, just for Tim Curry.

Named after a Marx Brothers movie

Wednesday there's nothing good on TV and you should tivo whatever crap you want to rot your brain. Go watch Doctor Hugo Z. Hackenbush in A Day at the Races. Along with the Marx trio's silly-ass songs Duke Ellington set raucous lindy hop choreography to All God's Chillun' Got Rhythm, and started a dance craze in 1937. Remember to bring copious amounts of whatever floats your boat and friends to share it with.

If you just saw Pineapple Express, go see Some Like it Hot on Thursday. Sitcom absurdity today and yesterday. Dude.

Monday, August 18, 2008

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Well Lookie Here...

Jim Mulvihill and Miranda Lash, marketing director and curator of modern and contemporary art at The New Orleans Museum of Art with Tony Smith's Lipizzaner

They used to work at the CAMH and the Menil, but they're really Saints fans

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The Rest of the Rested

With Your Lady Powers
MUSIC: Sharad Patel, VIDEO: Matt Choi

Dance des Fanatiques de Bazarette
MUSIC: Miltonio, VIDEO: Sharad Patel

A/V Swap

Thursday, August 21st
7:00 - 9:00 pm

Angelika Theater
510 Texas Street
Screwston, Texas

Will There Be Cops in the Classroom?

Cool, Dude.

May I interest you in a small block of wood?

Chicago artist Jacob Goudreault heads to San Antone to give away his art stuff.

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Heroes, Sheroes

Robert Hodge, Lovie Olivia, Michael K. Taylor and Lance Flowers comprise the United Underground Painters Association, or UUPA Crust collective.

space 125

August 21 to October 2, 2008

OPENING Thursday, August 21
6 p.m. - 8 p.m

After PArty @ THE OFFICE off MAin Street 9pm-12pm

Sunday, August 17, 2008


pay for my kids' stupidity, please

Apparently some people want the city to pay for their kids falling down- [chron]

Houston has the world's largest community of Norwegian expats- [chron]

U of Houston copies U of Virginia's rotunda in Second Life- [swamplot]

Where's sexyATTACK! Leave 'em a message so they'll post all their new videos- [sexyATTACK]

FYI HPD- Brandish a Taser in a dispute in an elementary school carpool and you'll get in trouble. Shock a 59-year-old woman during a dispute over laundry, you're in the clear- [chron]

Artists, plan on a drive in November (3rd coast represent)- [P.1]
Want to know the New Orleans alt-space up-and comers?- [britt from the chron]
2.8 mil to New Orleans art spaces- [NYTimes]

The Christian Science Monitor talks Oaxaca and Houston's The Station Museum- [CSM]

Britt want you to do something before 7pm today; if you haven't, I agree- [chron]

New York seems to reach for someone from Houston in their "Art" articles a lot these days- [WSJ "latte art"] [NYT "Ron Paul art"]

Dallas gallery hosts "collection of B-sides" from Houston Discovery Green project- [DMorningNews]

Paging new Houston Rocket Ron Artest?- [craigslist]