Friday, April 10, 2009

Crazy Things for Crazy Peoples

Presented, for your pleasure, as is.





FRIDAY APRIL 17 8:30 pm the all new SUPERHAPPYFUNLAND 3801 POLK 77003

also MISFIRES after this performance!! YEAH!!


Keith Reynolds's best musical play ever! Concept and title by Leah Lankford.

Nuts and Volts is Open to the Public for One Night Only
Keith Reynolds’s New Musical Play about an
Insane Asylum Opens and Closes Friday, April 17, 2009

Houston, TX (April 1, 2009) — For the past few years, all of Keith Reynolds’s plays have been private affairs in scary private places. BUT NOW the ALL NEW Superhappyfunland has asked Keith to perform his latest play on Friday, April 17, 2009, at 8:30pm at the all new Superhappyfunland at 3801 Polk Street.

Nuts and Volts, the Musical, is a play about an insane asylum and crazy people in general. Audiences can expect a treat of over 10 original musical song and dance numbers, and a cast of 17 ubertalented H-town legends, including Daniel Adame (award winning performance artist), Richard Lyders (Bacon of Tamalalia Fame), Ashley Horne (Suchu company member), Shanon Adams (badass modern dancer), Leah Lankford (cuts people’s heads open for a living for real), Sara Jo Dunstan (bartender at the Alabama Ice House), Wayne Wilden (owner of the Atomic Café), Thuy-Linh Cornett (the most famous nude model in Houston), Laura Schlect (Houston producer of the 48 hour film festival), Dana Pike (manager of Waldo’s Coffee House), Jeremy Carlson (the funniest actor EVER and manager of Danton’s Seafood), Mike Switzer (The Defenestration Unit, IBP, clerk at Candilicious), Elisabeth Jackson (member of the Krinkles), and Mossie Burcham (waitress at Jenni’s Noodles). The music will be performed by Keith Reynolds (Slump), Leif Erikson (Organ Failure), and Bill Savoie (Texas Guinness Lovers). Prop design is by Rodney Davis (devotes an entire room of his home to Star Wars Memorabilia.)

The evil McTorturesteinberg family runs the asylum with an iron fist. The lunatics are a lovable bunch who are used and abused and can’t take it anymore. There’s a whole lotta fighting and torture and sexiness. Eddie McTorturesteinberg (Jeremy Carlson) has six arms and a hunchback. Gerbilboy (Wayne Wilden) is forced to live in a 3 foot high cage. John/Joan Garrison (Mike Switzer) is a man who is being told he is a woman. Or is he/she a woman? Chamelia (Sara Jo Dunstan) is possessed by over 40 characters. The maniacal dancing includes a new dance step – the chickenhead lift, which has to be seen to be believed.

Keith Reynolds has been diagnosed as mentally ill, so that makes it PC, right?

How Much? $10.00 cash only. Wow! that's cheap!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Installing at Blaffer Gallery

Them UH kids get their groove on April 10th... tonight!



DBHB sez:

Devin Boden Hiram Butler Gallery
invites everyone to our 16th annual EGG HUNT this Saturday 11 am SHARP

Last Minute Press Release! Dean Ruck, Dan Havel

"Architectural Euthanasia", a survey of Havel Ruck Projects, opening at Architecture Center Houston, 315 Capitol, downtown Houston April 9 TONIGHT, at 6-8pm, in conjunction with the 2009 AIA Houston Design Awards.

Dan and Dean were recipients of the 2008 Houston AIA Artists of the Year Award last year.
This is a show of large format photographs, models, drawings, and installation of past and current Havel Ruck Projects. Please come by the reception if you can or get by to the show, on view thru May 8. Light refreshments. Parking garage across the street.

Downtown Notsuoh Noise for Good Friday


Chin Igen Xaou Igen Ti Igen Won

Chin Xaou Ti Won
Rusted Shut
The They

9:00 Notsuoh

This Friday


Mark Rothko and Metallica's Lars Ulrich

What do I see in this week's TIME mag but a short list of metal head anti-pirate Lars Ulrich's favorite things featuring Houston's Rothko Chapel and the Menil Collection!

Here's his (probably ghostwritten) thoughts:

In an unassuming Houston neighborhood lie two of the most tranquil yet invigorating spaces on any art lover's journey. In the dignified stillness of the Rothko Chapel, one is enveloped in the black mysteries of Mark Rothko's paintings; just down the street, Cy Twombly's paintings immediately take you through thousands of years of civilization, captured on the canvas with exuberance, color and grace.

Mr. Imagination at Koelsch Gallery

How many African-American diva outsider artists do you think live in Bethlahem, Pennsylvania?

Well, there's at least one.

Koelsch Gallery

Koelsch Gallery

Koelsch Gallery

Koelsch Gallery
yup, that's a red dot on a fish.

Koelsch Gallery through April 25

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Free One-year storage for several paintings

Want your work to hang in a neglected hallway in City Hall for 12 months? Read on!

Co-curators Max Boyd Harrison and Jim Prell are currently accepting submissions for two-dimensional artwork to be on display in the Houston City Hall Annex Building housing City Council, Homeland Security and Building Services among others. The 12-month exhibition will be installed in the hallways and conference rooms located on the lower floors of the Annex at 900 Bagby Street.

Artists who currently reside, work, teach, were born, or received their education in the Houston area are encouraged to submit up to two entries for consideration.

All submissions should be framed and ready to hang -- i.e. wall ready, no self leveling or saw-toothed hangers. The duration of the exhibition is 12-months beginning May 2009.

Entries will be accepted from now until May 8, 2009 at 6 pm. When submitting entries, please include name, contact info, title, year produced, dimensions and medium.

For additional information please contact Max Boyd Harrison at 713-861-6070 or Jim Prell at 917-523-1312

The Violinist of the Day

The Violinist

Photographer's Description:

While on my way home from work I spotted this little 95+ year old spanish man just off the freeway feeder in Houston. He was definitely not your tipical begger as he had a hard time even walking.

He was happy as a teenager in love for the first time and was playing and singing his soul out to all the street cars passing by.

I pulled over and signaled to him to come my way and he slowly walked over singing even louder with a large smile for the camera.

He was more than happy to finish the day me, however after taking 50 pics I handed him a gift; he blew me a kiss and ended his time with a bow

Truly a man in love for the last time.

via Houstonist

Houston Palestinian Film Festival

click HERE for more info

Drink ConsciousLeigh

Drink ConsciousLeigh

Help Support Leigh Boone in her recovery

Monday, April 13, 2009
5:00pm - 2:00am

Poison Girl
1641 Westhiemer
Houston, TX

Info: bessieboone [at]

Bessie sez:

Come out to Leigh's favorite drinking establishment to celebrate Leigh and raise money to help with her recovery. She is on the road to getting better but will need our support to make it happen. Bring your pocketbook, your friends, and your happy thoughts for Leigh.

Happy Hour ends at 8pm but we'll be there all night. $2 well drinks & $2.50 drafts.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The 11th Street Galleries last Saturday

Doug's Barbershop
Doug's Barbershop- best shave around

Jesus Galvan @ Nauhaus



Joe Barrington, Hold what you got

good shit
Delilah Montoya, Modern Democracy

Paul Kittleson's permanent installation keeps out the riff-raff

G Gallery
it's tough to get a pic of a giant balloon in the dark swaying in the wind (David Graeve)

G Gallery
indoor Graeve balloon at left

G Gallery
G Gallery

G Gallery
Jim Brown or Mais?

G Gallery
candy in the back at G- Whitney Riley

truckman behind Redbud

Redbud Gallery
Jose Manuel Pellicer: Cultura Atlantica

Redbud Gallery
kinda subtle, kinda banal photoshoppage

Redbud Gallery
pterodactyl attack!

Redbud Gallery
Sharon Kopriva's studio- always crazy stuff
(little pic is of Sharon at an early Art Car Parade, skeleton bicycle, internal organs bodysuit)

U of Screwston Thesis Exhibizition

Cheyanne Ramos

Blaffer Gallery

opens Friday, April 10, 6-8pm
only runs for two weeks

Kristen Cliburn

Norberto Gomez Jr. (monk)

Dennis Lee Harper (Tutankhamen)

Cody Ledvina (spunk)

Joey Bender (junk)

Michael Brims

Samantha Medellin

Emily Sloan (punk)

Noora Alsalman

Cheyanne Ramos (funk)

Richard Wall

Zack Zwicky (wonk)

U of Screwston Thesis Exhibizition