Saturday, March 14, 2009

Above the Din

Britt from the Chron's got video of last night's Lawndale show

this weekend is this shit, yo.

Lots of good shows opening tonight, and after the packed house at Texas Gallery for Rachel Hecker's show on Thursday and everyone-and-their-momma being at Lawndale for the monster show last night, this weekend is this shit, yo.

Nick Meriwether: One Monument Please
The Joanna Gallery
7-10 pm

Eric Schroeder and Gabriela Trzebinski
Mackey Gallery
6-8:30 pm

Kelli Vance and Ali Smith
McClain Gallery
6-8 pm

Allison Wiese: Angle of Repose
Optical Project
6-8 pm

Jesse Lott and Javier de Villota
Station Museum of Contemporary Art
7-9 pm

Dirk Strangely
Aerosol Warfare Gallery & Boutique
7-11 pm

Friday, March 13, 2009

Pics from the Lawndale (Before Tonight's Opening)

and it's a monstrous show. pics via Lawndale

Dennis Harper, Ritual Prototypes for the Afterlife

for sailing to hell?

David Waddell and Kelly Ulack, Ta Marmaruga

Brent Fogt, Silent Topographies

Tim Brown, The Listening Post, 2009

no really, Tim Brown is part of the show. He's gonna sit in the gallery and take calls. and draw.

El Franco Lee II- Studio Resident

Amber Eagle- Studio Resident

lawndale site

Tonight! Opening at the Lawndale

So much stuff!!!

Lawndale Arts Center
4912 Main Street Houston TX 77002
Opening Reception Friday, March 13, 2009
6:30 – 8:30 PM
Artist talks at 6:00 PM
On view March 13 – April 18, 2009

really giant motorcycle

Ritual Prototypes for the Afterlife: Dennis Harper

sex, entertainment and high-speed internet

Ta Marmaruga: David Waddell & Kelly Ulcak

the input of knowledge into empty minds

I'm so excited

The Listening Post: Tim Brown

the human and sometimes messy connection between caller and operator

carpal tunnel madness

Silent Topographies: Brent Fogt

highly detailed drawings that explore growth and metamorphosis

Rick "We Don't Help Losers" Perry rejects $555 million in federal stimulus money

A letter I just sent:

Dear Alan Bernstein,

Despite your characterization of the stimulus package as a "so-called stimulus package" the aim of the legislation is clear; to help those who have lost their jobs in recent months to get back on their feet. Your dismissive tone in the Houston Chronicle today demonstrates your complete lack of a forebrain, and your ability to parse the facts with the same dittohead incompetence as Rick Perry himself. Being one of the Chronicle's writers who still has a job, please consider growing a pair and standing up for not only the thousands of Texans out of work today, but also your former colleagues who have recently lost their positions with your employer. I for one will espouse the position that Texans should "Impeach Rick Perry" online and in person to the fullest of my ability. Texas is a community, and should not be subject to the whims of a repugnant troglodyte stultifying his own constituents in search of conservative bona fides and higher office.


Sean Carroll

email Alan Bernstein your thoughts at:

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Marcius Galan just left a comment down below, its super sweet being googlable. he sounds joyful. :)

MARCIUS has left a new comment on your post "Walk Through The Pane":

Thank you!!! It´s very good to know that you liked the work and I apreciate your description...

(my english is not good, I hope this comment can be understandable).

His blog Marcius Galan is chock full of crazy phenomenological stuff, here's some goodies

Seção Diagonal, 2008
Psst... there's no glass, dude

Projeto com Ricardo Valentim, 2008

Fight The Man

April Brehm wrote a great article on up and coming female musicians in Houston in this month's Free Press! Pick one up at your local dive or click HERE to check it out!

"In all aspects and all capacities, women are essential to the awesome directions the Houston music scene has been taking as of late. From the roles of musicians to photographers, to promoters, to producers, the ladies of Houston enrich and nourish the community at large and without them, I hate to think of the sorry state we’d still be in."

"Asli, of The Tontons expressed a reoccurring sentiment, “Probably the most common experience I have had being a female in a band is people assuming that I am a band member’s girlfriend, I get asked who I’m with a lot.”

"Artist/Promoter Kam had the same tale to tell, having been told by security at her own show "band girlfriends aren't allowed in the green rooms”.

"Melissa from Sharks and Sailors shared a similar experience, “Occasionally venue employees (in Houston and elsewhere) would think I was lying when my band was loading equipment into a club and I'd have to repeat ‘Yes, I'm IN the band. I play an actual instrument in the band. No, I'm not trying to get in free and I'm not someone's girlfriend, so please let me load my gear.’ Though, she admits situations like this are becoming fewer and farther between. It seems that the farther from Houston you go, the more problems you encounter."

"Dominique, vocalist/bassist of The Delta Block, has been literally beaten up for having the gall to ask for her band’s cut of the door."

"Sometimes it’s the audience, as evidence by an experience of Ema Kid vocalist/bassist of punk outfit Penny Arcade who was once told “Wow, I thought you were great and I was surprised too cause I wasn’t expecting you to be good because well…you know, you’re a girl.”
"Rosa of Ditchwater took an opposing approach. “I want to be more Mae West about things than trying to go in and bulldoze my way through anything”. When describing her dealings with less than level-headed hard rockers, “That’s what boys are used to.”
"I would like to thank all of the wonderful ladies who contributed to this and future articles in this series. When I first started contacting women in the scene, the responses came fast and frequent. If I missed you in my initial call, please feel free to contact me at april5k[at], your insights are enthusiastically welcome."

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Opening Tomorrow in that Giant-Ass Lobby on the Westside


Assistance League of Houston Celebrates Texas Art
a juried show of contemporary art by Texas artists

Reception will be held at Williams Tower
6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Thursday, March 12

Let 'Em See What You've Got!!!

Lawndale accepts Artist Exhibition Proposals twice annually.

NEXT DEADLINE: March 16, 2009

Lawndale Art Center is a non-profit alternative space actively seeking proposals from artists for exhibitions and performances. Its continuing mission is to present work by both emerging and established Houston artists, as well as regional artists. Lawndale seeks to sponsor educational forums and dialogues, which address the relationship between art and society.

The Galleries

Our building at 4912 Main offers four exhibition spaces. Diagrams are available by clicking on the images below. Proposals for the Mary E. Bawden Scuplture Garden are considered on a case by case basis by the Programming Committee.

John M. O'Quinn Gallery
2257 sq. ft. Floor Space, 2400 sq. ft. Wall Space, 16 ft. Ceiling

Click here for full floor plan

Grace R. Cavnar Gallery
650 sq. ft. Floor Space, 850 sq. ft. Wall Space, 8'6" Ceiling

Click here for full floor plan

Mezzanine Gallery
1089 sq. ft. Floor Space, 850 sq. ft. Wall Space, 8'6" Ceiling

Click here for full floor plan

The Project Space
525 sq. ft. Floor Space, 523 sq. ft. Drywall Wall Space,
381 sq. ft. Masonry Wall Space, 10'11" Ceiling

Click here for full floor plan

Review Process

All proposals for exhibitions submitted by March 16, 2009, will be reviewed by the Programming Committee for exhibitions to be scheduled between between November 2009 and May 2010, proposals received after the March 16, 2009 deadline will be considered for the following review period.

The Lawndale Programming Committee serves as the curatorial voice for Lawndale. The committee consists of a diverse group of regional artists and arts professionals. Members serve on the committee for three years.

Lawndale encourages exhibition proposals from artists and curators whose work is site-specific, traditional, non-traditional, experimental or collaborative. Proposals accepted will include, but are not limited to, visual and performance art, video and installation. Artists and curators are also invited to submit proposals for other spaces in or around the building, outside of our galleries.

Lawndale Art Center offers a modest honorarium for each gallery to help cover such expenses as materials, travel, and packing and/or shipping of artworks. Installation and deinstallation is the responsibility of the artist or curator. Assistance can be arranged if needed.

Review Criteria

The Lawndale Programming Committee will consider proposals that are:

* Original, Innovative and Contemporary
* Non-Commercial
* Difficult to show elsewhere
* Feasible based on project description and demonstrated ability
* More than one artist's work and that are thematically coherent
* Submitted by one artist or collaborative team and are site specific
* Work that has not been previously shown in Houston

Check It

Saturday, March 14, 2009
6:00pm - 10:00pm

The Joanna

4014 Graustark
Houston, TX

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Houstonist Photo of the Day

Main Street / Buffalo Bayou / Houston, Rustypicstx

via Houstonist

Monday, March 9, 2009

Laura Lark does Kitty Winn

The Panic In Needle Park
DBHB Gallery
Through April 11

and some pic from the opening Saturday!

Laura Lark and Elia Arce

sorry red hair lady, but i had to post this :)


Nestor Topchy


Happy Holi

Kavita Jaiswal, Smiley N. Pool: Chron


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jim Hatchett sez:


The staff of the Art Car Museum is presently compiling a list of paintings to be included in an exhibition of work by Houston artist Ron Hoover who passed away recently. Many collectors have already come forward offering to loan their pieces for the show which will likely take place near the end of this year. If you have one of Ron`s works and would be willing to loan it to the museum for this exhibition, or if you know someone who has a Ron Hoover in their collection, please contact the Art Car Museum at 713 861 5526 or via email at info[at] Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Jim Hatchett, curator
Art Car Museum

He's Big in Japan- 70th Birthday Bash

Lil Joe Washington's 70th Birthday Bash
Sunday March 8th, 4 - 8pm
Continental Club

Cover price is a donation to Little Joe, Houston blues icon, who has suffered health problems of late.