Saturday, June 20, 2009

All Up In It

party tonight at the joanna. pass it on.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who is the most evil?

Britt from the Chron hits up Apama Mackster for a stimulus package

gotta come to the show Friday to see my painting though, I was late :)

+++plus- have you seen Britt's kerfuffle over the art guys marying a plant? errybodys got their panties in a wad


Apama Mackey Gallery and Keep Houston Dirty invite you to stimulate the local economy and support our arts community at The AMG Visual Stimulus Package on Friday, June 19th! ONE-DAY-ONLY!!!

Participating Artists:
Casey Arguelles, Elaine Bradford, Tim Brown,
Sean Carroll, Rene Cruz, Kara Czepiel,
Bill Davenport, Rodney Winthrop Chinelliott, Meredith Cunningham,
Marzia Faggin, Garland Fielder, Sebastian Forray,
Give Up, Matthew Glover, Lisa Marie,
Woody Golden, Norberto Gomez, Jr., Tommy Gregory,
Maria Guzman, Lane Hagood, Rachel Hecker,
Michael Henderson, George Hixon, Allison Hunter,
I Love You Baby, Rick Illingworth, Saba Jawda,
Sarah Jawda, Jake Jones, Stephanie Martz,
Michael Meazell, Juan de Dios Mora, Aaron Munoz,
Alex Nguyen, Teresa O'Connor, Kyle Olson,
Aaron Parazette, JoAnn Park, Eric Pearce,
Smitty Regula, Alex Rubio, Ben Ruggiero,
Xochi Solis, Soody Sharifi, Michael Strahan,
Zoya Tommy, Y.E. Torres, Gabriela Trzebinski,
Kelly Ulcak, Monica Vidal, Christine West, y mas...

Don't miss this opportunity to acquire art from emerging and established artists for $50 and $100!

Preview the show Friday from 11am-5pm or party from 6pm-8pm.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Not Exactly Inspiring

Work In Progress: "Woman" (Houston)

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Date: 2009-06-12, 7:32PM CDT

New Work In Progress...more coming soon.