Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tuesday Opening?

Carl Suddath This Time, 2004

Jeff Elrod Untitled (Red), 2005

For some bizarre reason- maybe to avoid the rats that crawl the openings on weekends- Texas Gallery has decided to open their "Lines" show tonight from 6-8pm. Curated by Op artist Susie Rosemarin (aka "conceptual artist" photog Susan Rosemarin...haha) the show features representational painter Kristin Calabrese, Jeff Elrod's pathetic computer art, Sharon Engelstein, super sweet Julie Mehretu, Aaron Parazette, James Siena's urban versions of aboriginal paintings, and the pathetic little sculptures of Carl Suddath. Look for old men sipping white wine like its prune juice and not a hipster in sight. Texas Gallery is behind the River Oaks Theatre, next door to the Blue Door.