Friday, August 10, 2007

Bomit sez:

"A.K.A." - A Bandana Art Show - Houston, Texas 2007:

Featuring the work of Shepard Fairey, Logan Hicks, Daryll Peirce, Evil Design, DAVe, Uneek, Sleep ZZZ, Hazchem, 20 mg/Visual Narcotics, Lindsey Kuhn, Matt Siren, Toy Eater, REMED, Fefe, Zach McDonald, Billi Kid, Failure, NO/FI, Discoshit, FARO, Peat Wollaeger, Billy Bishop, Arrrgh!, Ethos, Cieto ATV, Nomad, Eyeskull, The Killer Gerbil, LukeDaDuke, Fear The Ripper, Robots Will Kill, FERG

Local Artists Abel, ack!, Christian Azul, CUTTHROAT, Death Head, Dual, Sara Eudy, Give Up, Lisa Marie Godfrey, GONZO247, Meat, Derek Shumate, Verb, YAR!

"Bandana" defined: A kerchief (from the French couvre-chef, "cover the head") is a triangular or square piece of cloth tied around the head or around the neck for protective or decorative purposes. The bandana has been used by artists worldwide to conceal their identities. When worn over the mouth and nose, bandannas are also used to lessen inhalation of fumes so we thought it would be a good idea for a show.

Not to mention the fact that a bandana makes a perfect small canvas that can be folded up and mailed easily. With all of the cameras spying on our daily lives these days the show seems like a small way to make a statement to the man as well.

Images from the punk era come to mind like The Clash rockin' bandanas in the Rock the Casbah video. The bandana was originally used by banditos and bank robbers in the Old West. Bandanas are also worn around the neck by cowboys, farmers, bakers, and railroad engineers to wipe the sweat off their faces, and keep dust out of their collars.

Anarchists and political activists have been known to wear black bandanas and hoodies to keep their faces from being photographed. Of course we all know about the whole Bloods vs. Crips thing which this show is to have nothing do with. In certain cities non-violent bicycle clubs may wear black and white bandanas to show their association.

We are calling the show "A.K.A" (Also Known As) since many artists go under aliases.

Now, medium-based exhibit do tend to suck, but the simplicity of a small square rag makes this idea for a show a little better than most.


Anonymous said...

fuck bomit.
fuck texas.