Sunday, August 5, 2007

Skeez sez:

So the Chinhui Ome show at CSAW yesterday went off without a hitch, or so I thought. When I was there organizer Skeez 181 even said "It was nice of Maggi to provide us with rent-a-cops", but I guess that wasn't the full story. The Mexican Arsenal had a full contingent of Aztec dancers, including many well-known dance teachers and performers from San Antonio and further afield. Apparently Maggi Battalino's motivations were not clear at the time, as Skeez has taken the time to blast CSAW's financial director for muscling everyone out of the building when she decided it was time to go. Seriously- more than half of the crowd was families with small children when I was there at 7 pm. Tack another complaint onto the growing list- only allowing artists with Masters degrees into new studio rentals, attempting to enforce a dress code and banning smoking. Here's what Skeez has to say:

On behalf of the Mexican Arsenal art crew here at CSAW , We would like to thank eveyone who helped out in yesterday's Aztec Dance & Art show. The show went on as planned with a beautiful crowd of families (which consisted of young and old) We also would like to APOLOGIZE for one of our neighbors (Maggi Battalino) who decided to hire ARMED Harris County Constables to "secure" the warehouse....since she automatically assumed we would need law enforcement for mexican families with children (who were the majority of the people here last night). There was an art show at CSAW a couple of days before....was there ARMED Harris County Constables there to "secure" the warehouse? ....of course not! ...Ms. Battalino's actions to hire ARMED officers to "secure" the premesis and kick everyone out at the "appropriate" time is a total embarrasment to us....One officer was even trying to kick ME out! ....until i told him i lived @ CSAW. When I asked Ms. Battalino about the officers here, she replied "I invited them here." Then I asked one officer if he got paid to come and he said YES! ...must be nice to get a paid invitation!! Ms. Battalino's "Power Trip" yesterday didn't fall to well in my books. She is CSAW's financal director...not our DICTATOR!!... I just wanted to bring this to everyone's attention since i smelled something funky in the air when i saw the cops here and of course Ms. Battalino trailing behind.....totally uncalled for.

our apologies,

Skeez 181