Monday, August 6, 2007


Here is an ugly article about Houston from the rag "New York Resident", apparently we have the Fresh Arts Coalition to thank for it: "Article inspired by Fresh Arts Media weekend, bringing several freelance journalists to Houston to see the best art scene, the best hotels and the best restaurants Houston has to offer." Flying New York journalists down to hobnob with the rich in Houston and only getting one piddly article about it? Sad. Flying those same usual suspects to Ibiza? Boring and bizarre. This redundant organization gets a whole lotta funding from the city in the form of Houston Arts Alliance and Houston Endowment as well as The Brown Foundation and The Meadows Foundation and they pretty much print flyers, copy the content already covered by glasstire, spacetaker and artshound and mirror their member organizations' websites... where's the beef?

PS- Hey Fresh Arts, you might want to take IBP off of your website- since they're dead and all.


Anonymous said...

That article was from 2005, yes? What inspired the post?

On another note, is Orchestra X still in existence? That, too, has been included in Fresharts and the last concert they have marked on their website was from december...2005.

Hmm...perhaps could be fresh-er.

b.s. said...

That was from 2005, it is not news at all but it was Monday- art Sunday- and surfing the web and drinking coffee can get you riled up.

After seeing that Fresh Arts is looking for a new associate director I looked into their debutante director Marita Fairbanks then started surfing the site. I have known about them for a while, but I did not realize how self serving, redundant, and glad handing they were.

As far as Orchestra X goes- their site is still up but it has info from 2005, they have a link to the Hobby Center to buy tickets but there's no Orchestra X events and Peter Schickele is still posting on his blog. Who knows? They probably still exist, but they might not do an event again.