Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Next year, it's on

So the Artadia kids have made themselves scarce these days, handing out $15,000 and $1,500 awards in Boston and San Francisco, but next year they're back in Houston! Even better, the other city involved is Chicago, so it's a World Series rematch and a Midwest throwdown--- Houston vs. Chicago!!! We'll kick their ass. For August they have 5 openings, we have 7 or 8. (do you count A+M or Galveston?) There are about a hundred galleries in Chicago and there's about that many here. They have 2,842,000 people, we have 2,016,000; we grew 20% in the last ten years, they grew 4%. Let's take their lunch money.


Anonymous said...

I can see the credit already ... "Artist so-and-so likes beauty and drawing."

No ... that won't work. How 'bout "Artist so-and-so works with engaging inflatables interspersed with day-glow macramé. The inflato-weaves are permanently installed in a padlocked container car and buried. This private yet provocative performances is a statement on Middle Eastern conflict."