Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Robyn O'Neil

Robyn gave me a call in the afternoon, seems like Howard Stern doesn't like thievery. Eh, to each his own. I took down the pic.

So we talked about her racy photos (not so racy) and the big Texas reaction to it all. Hell, it was up on Modern Art Notes today. The first post HERE and the glasstire article sure had a bunch of comments.

I want to ask artists now what they do with their little obsessions that just add to life without being critiqueable 'art'. Why are some hobbies, like Robert Mapplethorpe's S&M or Andy Warhol's antiquing, considered part of their oeuvre while going to baseball games or playing in a death metal band (you know who you are) aren't?

Robyn called and said Hi.

Click for a bit of the conversation


Jerome O'Brien said...

I wish more artists thought that way!!!!
Just kidding, it's me, Robyn here! Thanks so much Sean. The conversations was really enriching to me, and I love having a forum to say these things.

To further this topic: everything an artist drops on their studio floor doesn't need to be called art. In fact, not even everything made in artist's studio needs to be called art. I make drawings all the time that get put in the back of my flat file...because those particular drawings FAILED. So, certainly, going on the Stern show isn't art. It's going on the Stern Show. A person, who happens to make art, going on the Stern Show. And having an amazing time doing it!

Anonymous said...

There are two kinds of guests on Howard Stern; Celebrities, and Freaks. Were you hoping to become a celebrity, or a freak when you appeared on Stern? This is what I personally don't get. You kind of straddled the fence, and appear to want both. But, it is funny. The big trick is for you to get people to laugh with you, and not at you. Pulling your pics from all websites isn't going to help your case. I would suggest you put one up when you write your piece on your experience.

Jerome O'Brien said...

Anonymous, you got it wrong, buddy. Please read this and it will explain what you don't understand...yet!

Thanks for putting in your two cents, though.


Anonymous said...

Antiquing and S&M are high class activities.

Baseball and Death Metal are low.

Until they make that magical Koonsian leap, they are not allowed. Nixed from the art world as dull and thus non-existent.

Yes, you know that S&M is high class fun...and how we all long inside to be high class...

Anonymous said...

I have been a huge fan of Robyn's work. Hearing her on Howard was bittersweet. Great to know she's a fan as I am but Benjy & Artie???? I would love the opportunity to meet or talk with her. Robyn I'm single and nice looking. Seriously, I'm a respectful and passionate guy, Hey you never know. :)