Thursday, February 7, 2008

Blah Blah Boobs

So the Boston Globe has a big article about Robyn O'Neil's artistic influences and propensity to send inane emails to Howard Stern. No offense to large corporations attempting to hold onto their market shares, but a Beantown paper writing about bloggers in Houston and their target du jour just seems a little desperate to me. Geoff Edwards is a pussy.

Useless article highlights?

Some Bloggers are assholes

I find this shirt-lifting photo situation confusing. What happened to the photo on the Stern site, and then the photos put in other places? Do you regret lifting your shirt? Were there other things the Stern folks wanted you to do but you turned down?

Yes, Bababooey asked me to masturbate on air and they asked me to show my breasts. I said, "No", and they didn't push it. I did show the crew my bra, and it was no big deal to me until these art obsessed bloggers decided THAT was the biggest thing to happen in the Texas art world. That's why I got the images removed. The funniest part of that is that the Stern folks were MORE than happy to oblige when I asked to remove the picture from their site even though they legally had every right to keep the photos up, but artists with blogs almost refused. Why? I have NO CLUE. It's bizarre.

I Thought I Had Heroes Who Were Fucked In The Head

Are there any artists you look to as role models or people who look up to?

Oddly enough, no. My creative role model is Werner Herzog.

(Herzog quote- "Modern documentaries are as close to the truth as glaciers to farting.")

The Best Reason To Post This Bullshit Once More

You might not believe it, but this girl's a drawer.


Anonymous said...

i think someone started to feel guilty so she decided to pull the images. i think she also has an aggrandized view of herself is she thinks she's ever been the biggest thing going on in the Texas art world. she went to a&M her bio says for her undergrad, but she's not even a Texan.

Boohoo Robin, you showed the world your bra for attention and they noticed, now take some Advil and try to get over yourself in the morning.

Anonymous said...

It was interesting to read Robyn's take on the situation, but it does not at all change my opinion of her appearance.

If Robyn is reading, it's Sean's fiance Tish.

My issue with her appearance is not one of being uptight or sexually repressed or any of that. It's that a strong obviously bright regarded artist would accept being painted in the same light that Stern paints nearly all women, as useful for sexual purposes and nothing else. Robyn obviously has a ton to offer, yet Stern wanted her to masturbate on camera and bare her breasts. She may have refused to do those things but by appearing and flashing and looking at nude photos of these men, she accepts Sterns portrayal of her and it tarnishes her professional reputation. She may have discussed her art, but this was not the focus of her appearance. Now she is the artist that showed her boobs on Stern, not the Texas woman who is making impact on the art world. Women are a minority in the art world, and those that do gain acclaim have a responsibility to use their influence to further their success. In my opinion, Robyn cheapened herself and she seems pretty awesome so it really bums me out.