Tuesday, December 4, 2007

NANO Fiction wants YOUR Words

"We at NANO Fiction, a literary journal of short fiction, are currently preparing our third edition to be released this Spring. We've had great success with our first two issues and we are making efforts to expand our readership and contributors; however, the magazine was designed specifically with young and unpublished writers in mind. Please take advantage of this opportunity to be published and submit to NANO Fiction. As always, submissions are rolling, but if you would like to be included in the next issue, it is paramount that you submit within the next few weeks. What else are you doing with your winter break anyway?"

You can read some selected works at nanofiction.org in the archive.

You may submit by emailing NANOFictionMag@gmail.com Submissions must be 300 words or less. Anything over 300 words will not be read. Please include your full name, titled work, a short third-person biography, and contact information (email, web site, phone number). Unless it interrupts the form of your work, we appreciate single spaced Word Documents. If your piece is selected, we will notify you prior to its release via email.

Note: Don't be afraid to think outside the standard margins. Be creative. Use form to enhance your piece. NANO Fiction can be an extremely innovative form of storytelling so use it to your advantage.