Sunday, December 2, 2007

Lazy Sunday Press Release Action

CSAW openings next week... can't say I won't root for them but I hope these arent the last ones!

In the Main Gallery
Ten x Ten: A hundred times more than ever

A group exhibition of The University of Houston Graduate Sculpture Department opens at the Commerce Street Artists’ Warehouse. The show represents the unusually wide range of interests and directions being taken by the current batch of sculpture graduate students, who in turn reflect the growing diversity in today’s art world. It is a sort of “state of the department,” which has been under the direction of Professor Cory Wagner this fall semester. The exhibiting graduate candidates are: Joey Bender, Nancy Douthery, Woody Golden, Dennis Harper, Iskra Ivanova, Robyn Lehmer, Samantha Medellin, Richard Nix, Emily Sloan, and Keijiro Suzuki.

For further information contact Dennis Harper at:

Studio C and Studio F
Beyond the Expanded Field


kathkell said...

there will also be a performance in the big space by Erick Michaud around 8:30.

Erick Michaud
My work moves between painting, performance, video, and drawing to develop narratives that investigate ideas of death, youth, failure, home and nostalgia.

Through performances I incorporate myself, or variations of myself, in fabricated characters (a herald of doom/death, a high school girls' basketball coach, a heavy metal teenager), to communicate observations of the shortcomings I have experienced or witnessed in my life. I use my personal experiences in order not to seem overly didactic, and to keep the element of sincerity active in the pieces. Humor is also an element present in my performances. I find that it disarms the viewer, and makes the art viewing experience a less intimidating one.

Painting inspires me as much as performance, and I give myself the freedom to use aspects of both methods to execute my ideas. Some performances use a painting as a backdrop (via green screen) to create a realm in which I develop characters. Both the painting and the finished video exist separately but can also exist together to inform one another. Other performances are live, and engage the physical world by injecting characters and their actions into an actual setting.