Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Patricia Johnson, 1984

OK, i've said it before but HERE is a P. Johnson swan song, complete with sidebar that reads like this:


Retiring Houston Chronicle art critic Patricia C. Johnson picks the following as the must-see shows of 2008:

• HoustonFotoFest 2008 hosts its 12th international biennial of photography with a focus on China,
March 7-April 20.

Pompeii: Tales From an Eruption , at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, March 2-June 22.

NeoHooDoo : Art for a Forgotten Faith , at The Menil Collection, June 27-Sept. 28.

Fresh Paint, The Houston School, MFAH, 1985

This article summarizing the past 26 years of her career in less than enough words is titled "Houston Art Scene has experienced a Cultural Evolution"- lets hope she has a little more space later in December to expand on the name dropping and exhibition touting from our ONLY newspaper critic. Hop on there and hit the recommend button!


Anonymous said...

how do you pick must see show's that aren't open yet...that's what always gets me, what if it's shit and something else better comes along..i dunno i guess you gotta take some risks, but i hate how the art world kinda predetermines what's hot/good and what isn't.

b.s. said...

haha... well for some people you just look at whichever marketing company has sent you advance releases.