Thursday, December 6, 2007

The A/V Swap is Legit!

Sorry about the bad link on the podcast... now fixed!

Check out a podcast from Artshouston magazine about the A/V Swap with me and Michelle Hempton HERE and come see the new crop of collaborations December 13th and 14th!

dec 13: premiere screening at angelika film center

dec 14: midnight screening at landmark river oaks

Some videos from past swaps...

Dance des Fanatiques de Bazarette, Sharad Patel, 2006

The Language of Love, Robert Smith, 2006

Double Indemnity, juntausa, 2006

Circles, S. M. Carroll, 2006
bad version... need to get the real one up...

Amnesic, Coyote Tequila