Wednesday, August 29, 2007

SOS Lawndale

Diverseworks doesn't need the push, since their opening next Thursday is represented by three entries on glasstire- including editor Rachel Cook's performance piece where she gives people slices of cake. I hope it's red velvet.

On the other hand Lawndale Arts Center has fallen into a PR black hole, with a dearth of info on glasstire and spacetaker and a blip buried in arthound. What gives? Green-screen cowboy action got you down? Austin artists reaching out to the Gulf Coast uninteresting to ya? What the fuck...

Lawndale Arts Center
Round Up by Jaime Wentz and Kurt Mueller,
House Painting
by Erin Curtis
SOS by Emily Sloan
and sculpture by Carl Suddath

Opening Thursday August 30, 2007
6:30-8:30 pm
free beer

and then on Saturday up in the Heights:
Muscle and Blood
at G Gallery September 1
from 6 til 9pm (301 East 11th)