Sunday, August 26, 2007

Coming to a backwater near you

Is this a good idea?

"Tiny Neutrino of the Pacific Neutrinos is starting a new scrap raft project for the purpose of bringing entertainment and artistry to the Gulf towns on a stage and show raft.

Those involved will learn and assist with the building of a raft or rafts, depending on how many folks show up. Rafts are constructed from mostly recycled materials. A scrap raft is safe, can handle the ocean coast, and is a home like no other.

If you are someone looking for a lifestyle without rent and utility bills, that involves some personal effort and of course the talent to make the project work, this is an opportunity to learn and enjoy the Neutrino lifestyle and share your talents at the same time. Live the Bohemian lifestyle you've been seeking. Be a troubadour and bring smiles to people as we entertain and share our talents."