Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Breaking News- CSAW Defunct

This morning, in a move that evicted two artists from the building with only one week's notice (barring an appeal), Houston City Judge Barra ruled that the Commerce Street Artists Warehouse Bylaws are invalid and that property manager Maggi Battarino has full authority over tenants.

This move ends the community of artists that had controlled their membership, exhibits and rules since the mid-Eighties when artists Mark Flood and Rick Lowe, among others, opened the CSAW gallery.

RIP CSAW... send off solo show for graff artist COLOR ONE "No Haters Allowed" and group show "Spatial Poetry" featuring Noora Aslalmam, David Damico, Chad Erpelding, Luisa Hernandez, and Zack Zwicky opens September 8th 6-9pm


Frank said...

Geez - lets hope the appeal process works.

b.s. said...

they're not going to appeal. too much trouble for them- even though their only option is to dismantle a two story structure and air conditioning system in 7 days... Skeez and Javier are moving to a new space.