Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's Hot Outside

Damn, my pictures are horrible. I couldn't take any in the exhibit, the lighting was low and the party was held in the lobby of the new building instead of in the giant Modernist space that held the Basquiat parties. The DJs were playing on the valet entrance ramp outside the Red Hot exhibit, and the summer heat and humidity prompted partygoers to shuffle inside to catch a bit of A/C frequently. Inside, the museum was cordoned off , 4/5 of the large entranceway empty.

One gallery was open, the back entrance to the Chaney Collection- but at some early point in the night the collector became worried about the masses filing in to view his fiscally sound investment in art and asked the museum to restrict the amount of visitors in the gallery. This created a long line between the bustling indoor (non-members) bar and the lobby doors where those looking for a cooldown constantly entered. Meanwhile, a second story gallery was commandeered to serve as VIP; the tactless side effect was that they stood in comfort indoors watching the party outside below, hearing the MC give the Chaney family "shout out"s. Just a little too aristocratic for me is all.

After watching John the Third and Ceeplus I went wandering down to the Yellow magazine karaoke bar, where one old man belted out the hits surrounded by the throngs flocking to the only available bathroom, with the James Turrell tunnel and most of the hallway cordoned off. I had paid ten bucks to get in so I grabbed one of the free Starfuckers drinks on the way out and went to take pictures of the sculptures in from of the building where the party should have happened. After I left I could still hear the music from my place over on Waugh, it reminded me of living in the Third Ward and hearing the marching band practice at TSU at night. Eh, that was alright...

John the Third and Nectarine

The line to get into the Red Hot exhibit, 10pm

Hello up there!