Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Contrary to glasstire, spacetaker and artshound

Contrary to popular belief there are art shows this weekend... starting off with this art show at a club on Wednesday...

Hey, it's got Will Boone in it! If it's not all dark and smoky in a place called "Shadowbar" then you might be able to catch a glimpse of his drawings.

After that comes the weekend proper, with an August 3rd kick off on the 4th floor of the UH art building bringing together last year's graduates (who have spent the past month whitewashing their studios) and current students like Cody Ledvina, Jeanne Cassanova, Norberto and me too! The party gets going at art show time- 6-9pm, but who knows when it'll really end.

August 4th, over on the wrong side of the tracks, Skeez 181 (busy guy!) throws the all day party Chiahui Ome at CSAW, with Cuallitepetl indigenous music, poetry from around the world, traditional Aztec dancing, and three galleries of artwork. Polynesian, Ecuadorian, Guatemalan, African and Mexican food will be on hand for grubbing in the sun.

Saturday also brings the next incarnation of Apama Mackey Gallery as they migrate up to 11th Street in the Heights as well as the Clay Invitational- no not tennis- at G Gallery next door to the new establishment. 6-9pm