Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Next week

"A Bag of Markers and Weed"

What have they been up to over at Diverseworks? Really?

Well, that was the scene when the Sketch Klub stopped by Patrick Phipps' temporary studio at Diverseworks anyway... that's what I hear. The rest of the blogs on Diverseworks' website are pretty minimal but Patrick has really gone to town. When I stopped by today Keijiro Suzuki was dragging a thousand pounds of polyester blazers into the gallery and Mindy Kober was having a studio visit with Eleanor Williams. Patrick and Rachelle Vasquez were working at impromptu desks in their large empty galleries, and Sixto was pushing the Ding Dongs in the back room. Next week (August 11) they'll be finished with their mini-residency- stop by for the opening!