Thursday, May 7, 2009

Response to a Form Letter


Dear Shawn Morrisey:

I am an artist and assistant curator writing on behalf of Culturehall, a relatively new arts website launched in June, in respect to your blog, “B.S. Houst Art Blog.” I’ve been enjoying your posts and found some similarities in our interests in contemporary art. Culturehall is based in New York City, and we are seeking to expand our inclusion of artists as well as our relationships with national and international arts sites.

Culturehall was founded by artist, David Andrew Frey, to promote emerging and established artists by creating an on-line community and curated space for contemporary work. Our community of artists is primarily composed of MFAs, art faculty and other art professionals. While a majority of our members are invited, we do also accept applications for review.

Please visit our site at: www. culturehall. com

We would be interested in exchanging links with you and fostering some dialogue with your site. David Andrew Frey is also available for interviews or more information.


Tema Stauffer
Tema Stauffer
Assistant Curator
+1 (917) 683.2671
4821 5th Street, Suite 4I, New York, NY 11101, USA


Fuck New York.


Mr. Kimberly said...

Hell yeah! Nothing against NYC, but like the Big Apple needs more cheerleaders telling us why it rocks.

Anonymous said...

hahahaaha oh seany

Tema Stauffer said...


I apologize for the typo in my letter, though we were surprised by your response. David and I have been researching blogs about art around the country and the world for the past several months. We have looked at each site individually and have made a selection of sites that we found most worthwhile in terms of related interests.

Culturehall exists in order to promote artists through creating a community on the web.

We are sincerely committed to a positive and supportive relationship with international artists and writers. We regret offending you with our pursuit.


b.s. said...

Naw, it's all good Tema. You didn't offend me, I'm just a jerk.