Monday, May 4, 2009

Hunting Prize Won by Internationally Renown Artist, Hunting PLC thinks she's a Housewife from Kingwood

Robyn pumps for the 50 grand paycheck and comes up with a gusher. Too bad sponsors Hunting PLC think she's a dabbler from Kingwood, their lobotomized marketing department as efficient as an Astros pitcher and twice as bloated. It's sweet that she won. She's nice to everyone, even Benjy.

A death, a fall, a march: toward a better world

I would like to ask- do you think O'Neil's winning entry violates the Hunting Prize's banality inducing criteria to not "use bodily fluids, degradation of religion or government, and/or depiction of sexual acts or any... topic objectionable to Hunting PLC"? Isn't it a not-so-thinly-veiled criticism of society and government?


Anonymous said...

eh, oh well. i'd fuck her

John Hovig said...

Her work always seems dystopian -- her drawings are permeated by gray skies and populated by aimless, unfree figures -- but if you don't count them as youthful indiscretions, she's also produced work that more clearly "violates."

At her CAMH show, there were two drawings across from each other that the Huntingers wouldn't have enjoyed. (Assuming they would have been able to notice anything interesting about them in the first place).

They were relatively distant from each other, so you couldn't say they were really in the same space as each other, and they were facing each other, so there was no way to see them together at the same time under normal viewing conditions, but they were definitely counterparts to each other.

One was a drawing with an enormous tree branch or trunk, starting from the bottom center of the drawing and erecting up the middle of the page, with O'Neill's idiomatic characters looking like Robert Bly club members running across the snowy page.

Across the room was a drawing with a big grassy knoll in the center of the image, with the little characters walking all around and over it, this time looking like they were glad to be home after running wild through the snowy woods of Minnesota.

Way violates. And well done.

RR said...

Congratulations Robyn!

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Anonymous said...

still... a little titty flash would make this situation a LOT better!