Sunday, August 17, 2008


pay for my kids' stupidity, please

Apparently some people want the city to pay for their kids falling down- [chron]

Houston has the world's largest community of Norwegian expats- [chron]

U of Houston copies U of Virginia's rotunda in Second Life- [swamplot]

Where's sexyATTACK! Leave 'em a message so they'll post all their new videos- [sexyATTACK]

FYI HPD- Brandish a Taser in a dispute in an elementary school carpool and you'll get in trouble. Shock a 59-year-old woman during a dispute over laundry, you're in the clear- [chron]

Artists, plan on a drive in November (3rd coast represent)- [P.1]
Want to know the New Orleans alt-space up-and comers?- [britt from the chron]
2.8 mil to New Orleans art spaces- [NYTimes]

The Christian Science Monitor talks Oaxaca and Houston's The Station Museum- [CSM]

Britt want you to do something before 7pm today; if you haven't, I agree- [chron]

New York seems to reach for someone from Houston in their "Art" articles a lot these days- [WSJ "latte art"] [NYT "Ron Paul art"]

Dallas gallery hosts "collection of B-sides" from Houston Discovery Green project- [DMorningNews]

Paging new Houston Rocket Ron Artest?- [craigslist]