Tuesday, August 19, 2008

MOT: Millipede Ontology Treacle

No, not really. Just movies at Miller Outdoor Theater. I'm glad they're not showing Aladdin and Happy Feet, but they sure reached for the early 60s matinee empty theater arthouse collection. All films begin at 8:15 pm.

Tonight (Tuesday) is 1934 comedy of manners The Thin Man, and between the bitchy banter you might see the forming of the ensemble-cast-detective-story genre. They should've done 1985s Clue, just for Tim Curry.

Named after a Marx Brothers movie

Wednesday there's nothing good on TV and you should tivo whatever crap you want to rot your brain. Go watch Doctor Hugo Z. Hackenbush in A Day at the Races. Along with the Marx trio's silly-ass songs Duke Ellington set raucous lindy hop choreography to All God's Chillun' Got Rhythm, and started a dance craze in 1937. Remember to bring copious amounts of whatever floats your boat and friends to share it with.

If you just saw Pineapple Express, go see Some Like it Hot on Thursday. Sitcom absurdity today and yesterday. Dude.