Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Solo Cassanova!

Come check this show out next week at the University of Houston! I hear there's gonna be alot of surprises. Cassanova's work, compared to her fellow third-year painting / drawing candidates, participates most in a contemporary conversation. The deluge of imagery, some found some personal, describes the onslaught of a generation attacked by images via television, print, cyberspace, advertising, etc.

For an idea of some of her work (which will NOT be included in this show, it's going to be COMPLETELY new.. hence surprising), check out her morning cartoons here:



Anonymous said...

this is going to be an amazing show by an amazing woman. I really can't wait. I think if the Houston people bother to see one thing at UH this fall, it should be Jeanne's show.

b.s. said...