Sunday, March 16, 2008

Post Post-Tension

Not much talking here, it was one of the Joanna's best because of its eclecticism. Even Joanna's juices were up to par that night. Jessica Ninci's playful video work uses stop-motion in just the right awkward way, especially the one projected outside the garage. The material for this was taken from one of Ninci's unedited videos, so the cuts of her attempting to hold a pose, or keep leaves in her mouth were tension enough, and an obvious favorite of Joanna's style. Shane Tolbert's paintings are also confidently unsure. How much of the actual house is he going to give us? Why does it start to break down at some point? Colors become very extreme and playful. It's a world of many possibilities. Finally there were Mark Hesterlee's small abstractions ("interzone" being my favorite work), and the Houston art collaborative I Love You Baby. The addition of the collaborative was ideal to post tension. It's always great to be able to feel the fun energy in art for a change. Collabo's allow a group of people from any background to get together and just have fun with their materials (whether that's shit or piss). At the same time, the work is either hit or miss, but no one really cares. The new The Joanna banner hung outside in this really ridiculous manner: a ladder was strapped to the front of a truck, and the ladder had a stick strapped to it onto the road with the banner hanging down. Cody, was this your idea? And the post tension wood label was amazing, but maybe there could have been room for a couple more pieces? But maybe I'm just messy.