Friday, December 14, 2007

Downstairs in the Concrete Cave

Untitled, Rachel Harrison, 2005-6

Smartie! Harrison took her sculpture and blocked it towards the entrance,
when you walk down the stairs it looks like there's a lady standing there (kinda not really)
but it is a good way to deal with that first look as you come down the stairs
that is so problematic for the downstairs gallery.

Cindy, Harrison, 2004

Sean Landers


a big one! ditto...

Voyage of the Beagle (i think), Rachel Harrison

Danica Phelps

my battery died and I didn't get a shot of Mixtape by Payne & Relph but it
kicked ass. quick jumps, repeated scenes, scrubby English taggers smoking joints,
breakdancing, Scotland Yard, tourists, bleak streets and grey skies.
good mixtape soundtrack too.

someone walked into the gallery and left two seconds later, complaining it" made him dizzy"...

sneaky shot- Mary Heilmann upstairs- come by and roll around in the chairs,
its a fun way to be in a gallery, and the show is great for hippies and stoners.