Wednesday, December 12, 2007

There's the Southwest... and then there's SCREWSTON

Artforum's Artguide is an underused resource for artists and galleries who think locally, and listing on the international website is as easy as pie. There are only 21 listings for Houston- and if you run a space or want your new show up on Artforum's site DO IT FOR FREE. Click the link HERE.

On the site Houston is included in the Southwest, the funny bit being that Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Marfa, Phoenix, Santa Fe, Tuscon and Albuquerque are on the same page, while when you scroll past Houston we have our own page for listings. Well I guess they expect more out of us then, give it to 'em!


Anonymous said...

one of my dear dear friends is a poet from Georgia, and he insists that texas is not southern, that we are south western. even though we sided with the south in the 'war of nothern agression' we realy only had troops go so far as tyler, and galveston got bombed allot from sea.... but really culture wise we are south western, it's easy living in south/east texas to forget that the bulk of the state is desert.