Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Friday School Explosion!

Leslie Hewitt, Grounded

“The exhibition is intended to produce a kind of hall-of-mirrors effect, where viewers are constantly shifting between being an observer, and being the subjects of their own observations,” said Meredith Goldsmith, curator for the show and a critical studies resident in Glassell’s postgraduate Core Program. “The visual and linguistic frames represented in each work are so familiar that I find that in addition to the artists’ self-explorations, they entice the viewer’s own projections.” circular, 'eh?

November 30, 2007 at the Glassell School of Art, artists Beth Campbell, Leslie Hewitt, Shana Lutker, and Peter Lynde variously re-orient visitors in the gallery space. The artists hail from both coasts—Campbell and Hewitt from New York and Lutker and Lynde from Los Angeles—and find common ground in their creative approach. All use everyday framing devices—flowcharts, newspaper layouts, domestic snapshots, mirrors, and windows—as starting points from which to explore aspects of their own psychology and invite viewers to do the same. The exhibition is on view through February 10, 2008.

Campbell contributes the video Some Things Change (2005) to You Are Here. The work comprises four 12 ½ -minute videos that run back-to-back on a continuous loop. Each segment follows a woman who interacts with various familiar objects in her home, but the details and the sequence of events vary in each version, leading viewers—and, seemingly, the main character—to question their perception and memory. Campbell also presents two drawings from her ongoing project My Potential Future Based on Current Circumstances.