Monday, November 26, 2007


Now, I'm lazy enough to steal the list of Texas blogs off of Modern Art Notes, but I think there are a few missing from the list... here's my Houstocentric list of blogs worth reading and some other ones too.

Dallas Artcast
Podcasts and more! Not quite Bad at Sports, but good!

Art Motel Radio
Dallas blog with only 7 posts under its belt but a good bit of graphic design!

An intern at the Fort Worth Modern who somehow got the address and wasted it with between one and five posts a month... not that they're badly written.

Smarty pants from Austin who hangs out in Dallas with a lot to say and a lot to write about (taking trips to Houston and all) -the blog seems to read like the artforum blogs, name dropping people and artworks interchangeably.

Chris Jagers
Pictures of dogs and drawings of anatomy, he couldn't find much else in Dallas.

'Bout What I Sees
A curt Austin blog.

Border Art Dialogue
Want to know what's on exhibit in El Paso? This would also be a great title for a blog from the Valley...

Glasstire Blogs
Three blogs for the three big cities in Texas (sorry San Antonio)

This San Antonio blog beats the rest of our sorry asses for profession and topical posts.

Now on to Screwston!

Anthony Thompson Shumate writes a blog once in a while...

Artist Julia Wallace gets in her two cents about her own art and others.

Young Republic
Jenny Schlief and friendz spill their guts in search of pink revolution! partyarefun!

Behind The Screens
Participation Art
Gentle Ride Van
Andrea Grover and Co at the Aurora Picture Show and University of Houston have three blogs going, this ball of energy also has to tame a methhead and a drunk in her spare time!

Laura Lark kept this blog cranking out bile for years, and now it's back!

I know I'm missing some! Leave comments with suggestions!


Anonymous said...

ezimmerman is in Austin not Dallas.

Unknown said...

whew, I was sad that he left without telling anyone.

It's a Christmas Miracle!