Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Primer

Considering art writers in Houston most people who could name any at all would begin with Kelly Klaasmeyer of the Houston Press and maybe Patricia Johnson of the Chronicle. Dig a little deeper and people with a sense of humor mention Bill Davenport; people without one may bring up Christopher French. Anyone who gets a hold of the Texas art criticism magazine ArtLies (usually spelled with a quirky ! instead of an i) may be able to pick out John Devine or newby Garland Fielder. Overly familiar patrons of the Menil Collection may know the work of curator Michelle White, and the same goes over at the MFAH (across the street from the CAMH) with Margo Handwerker. Troy Schulze has been ruffling feathers as the #2 guy for the Press. CORE Fellow Meredith Goldsmith hasn't been in town for too long- but we hope she stays. Last but not least, Evan Garza has been publishing madly in English and Spanish- and on glasstire.

Not that this list of links is comprehensive, but I hope that it is illuminating.

If you aren't familiar with any of these writers, please take a moment to click on the last paragraph and check out some of the various opinions and styles in Houston; then vote for you favorite!!!