Tuesday, October 23, 2007

julia's parents are out of town, so we burned things

1. Defining space
= separation from American house and create my personal space

2. Putting TV and DVD
= Preparation by placing common electric machine

3. Watching DVD about reforming home
= Implication of my activity and referring to the tile of the piece

4. writing poem based on the DVD
= consuming the content of current topic, preserving tradition with modernism

5. cooking rice and putting red plum on it
= representation of my country’s flag

6. Writing Buddhism chanting
¬= One of religion that we have and also to worship for the dead and any kind of life going to decease

7. Eating rice and red plum
= Consuming my own culture by me who left my country for certain period of time

8. Worshipping for Shinto god
= Another religion to maintain social order or controls mythology and superstition

9. Burning the Buddhism chanting
= Worship for the deceased and sending the chanting for the dead who no longer exist in this world

10. read poem aloud
= Presentation of my thought about transition between tradition and modernism or cultural relationship between people and home, and etc…